Santiago and Vigo hosted the mir tests yesterday

Illusion, emotion and above all “a lot of nerves” were mixed this Saturday at the gates of the Faculty of Medicine of Santiago de Compostela, one of the centers in Galicia where the tests for Specialized Health Training are carried out.

Here a total of 369 people have been summoned for medicine positions and 116 for pharmacy; figures to which must be added those summoned in the Compostela Faculty of Politics and the examination centers of Vigo.

A large part of them were already milling about two hours before the start of the tests, scheduled at 4:00 p.m. Some chose to review the notes until the last moment, while others preferred to distract themselves by chatting with other classmates who came to the exam or with family and friends who accompanied them.

What all of them did agree on was pointing out how nervous they were and the excitement with which they were going to an exam “that decides an entire professional career.”

The most emotional moments have come with the appeals, when family and friends have broken into applause and shouts of encouragement that the examinees thanked with kisses and thumbs up already on the stairs of the faculty.

The image that is also repeated every year, as confirmed by the concierge, is that of the stragglers who arrive a few minutes before the test begins. “The usual thing is that they go to the wrong center,” says the concierge.

Three students have been seen in this situation, saved with a taxi and “mini scare” in the body included.

AROUND 28,000 APPLICANTS FOR 11,171 PLACES THROUGHOUT SPAIN A total of 27,796 people were expected to sit this Saturday, January 21, for the exam to access one of the 11,171 places offered for Specialized Health Training (FSE) in Medicine, Pharmacy, Nursing and degrees in the field of Psychology , Chemistry, Biology and Physics.

Of the more than 11,000 places available, 620 are offered in Galicia, 77 more than in the 2021-2022 offer. By communities, Andalusia is the region with the most available vacancies, 1,804, followed by Madrid, with 1,790, and Catalonia, with 1,784. On the opposite side is La Rioja, with 62 places; Cantabria, with 148; and Navarra, with 193.

As reported by the Ministry of Health, this is a “new record” in the number of places called to reinforce public health after four years of increase. In total, the number of places has increased by five percent compared to last year (545 more places) and 39% more compared to five years ago. Seven percent of the places are reserved for people with a degree of disability equal to or greater than 33 percent (782 places in total).

Specifically, in the Medicine degree the offer is 8,550 places, five percent more than in the previous call, of which 599 places are reserved for people with disabilities. The specialty with the greatest offer is Family and Community Medicine, with 2,455 places. 12,668 doctors aspire to them, 74 percent from Spanish universities and 22% from outside the EU.

The offer for the Nursing degree amounts to 1,961 places, 8 percent more than in the previous call, of which 137 are reserved for people with disabilities. The Nursing specialty with the greatest offer of places is Family and Community Nursing, with 824 places. In total, in Nursing the number of applicants is 7,889. In the rest of the degrees, the offer is 308 places in Pharmacy and the number of applicants is 1,599. In Psychology there are 231 places and 4,079 applicants; in Biology there are 60 places offered and 1,070 applicants; in Physics, 42 places and 265 applicants; and in Chemistry there are 19 places and 226 applicants attend.

More than 2,000 people collaborated in the proper development of the tests, exercising functions of center delegates, auditors and members of the Examination Tables or members of the seven Qualifying Commissions.

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