Santiago Muñoz returned to Santos injured after passing through NewcastleHalftime

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After passing through the Sub-20 of the newcastleSantiago Muñoz ended his European adventure and returned to Saints; However, he is not fit to play, since he returned with an injury that is being treated, as revealed by the president Dante Elizalde.

“He is here, he has been with us for a week, he is carrying out all the medical examinations, Today he is in a rehabilitation process and rehabilitation, he arrived injuredthey operated on him on December 21, it was not an operation, he received treatment because he has a groin injury“, said.

we are rehabbing it Regarding the sports issue, we are that the CTI be released, that they send us the medical file and the fulfillment of a specific procedure that we have not received ”.

The 20-year-old striker was loaned 18 months with option to buy; however, he only played four games in the premier league 2 and therefore they decided not to make the movement permanent.

But in the Warriors they got it contemplated for the Clausura 2023although you must first recover from the discomfort you have.

Santiago spent 18 months without playing practically anything. It is going to undergo a readaptation process, it is obviously considered. A much more mature player arrives, very grateful to the institution, happy with the opportunity, he comes to a big Mexican soccer club, where he was born, where we love him and we are going to give you everything he did not receive while in England”.

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