Sarah, granddaughter of Robert F. Kennedy, is married at the iconic JFK residence on Cape Cod Beach

Sarah Kennedy, granddaughter of noted politician Robert F. Kennedy and his wife Ethel, are married and wed at a very important place for themselves, the historic Kennedy Compound in Hyannis Port, Massachusetts, Where most of the memories of the family saga are stored.

    Chris and his wife Sheila with their three children: Kate, Christopher Jr. and Sarah

Chris and his wife Sheila with their three children: Kate, Christopher Jr. and Sarah

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Daughter of businessman Chris Kennedy and his wife Sheila, “I do,” Sara told Pakistani-origin Harvard Business School student Jaim Sulahri. Whom he married on June 17, 2022 in a small Islamic ceremony called Nikah.

Sarah, who is a partner at Hunold Associates, a firm specializing in the recruitment of human resources executives, He hosted a cocktail party at the so-called ‘RFK House’ named after his grandfather, later continuing the celebration at the ‘JFK House’ named after his great-grandfather.John F. Kennedy.

    Jam Sulhari

Jam Sulhari

“We chose to hold our wedding at the Kennedy compound and the surrounding family homes because of how special it is to us as the backdrop of our lives,” the bride told People magazine. “This is where we’ve celebrated great moments and where we’ve met heartbreaking times. It really does feel like coming home.” The granddaughter of Robert F. Kennedy was added.

Sarah, who coincided the first date of her wedding with the 72nd wedding anniversary of her grandparents Robert and Ethel Kennedy, He met Sulahri when he was studying at Boston College in Massachusetts and they fell in love, “We met the night before classes for the new students started” and they haven’t been apart since that day.

Much of the ceremony focused on honoring Sarah’s family heritage, although she also included Sulahri’s Pakistani heritage in the ceremony, and although The couple took their engagement photos on their Uncle John’s sailboatThen there was Bollywood dance, henna tattoos, Pakistani sweets and traditional Pakistani and Indian music.’ Sarah said, “Our marriage is unique in that we have combined (my) Irish Catholic roots with Sulahri’s Pakistani Muslim roots to celebrate our love happily.”

Kennedy Complex on Cape Cod

Kennedy Complex on Cape Cod

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The legacy of the Kennedy family played an important role in the ceremony, as they The couple celebrated their marriage with the so-called “loving cups”, which were champagne glasses from their grandparents’ wedding present in 1954.

Sarah said, “Getting married is about celebrating our love for each other and our lifelong commitment to each other.” “We were best friends before dating and our relationship grew through good times and bad. The wedding is the next chapter in our love story and we couldn’t be happier,” said the happy bride, who pA trip to Greece and Italy is planned to enjoy the honeymoon.

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