Sarah Michelle Gellar scored with her daughter thanks to Billie Eilish

A few months ago, Billie Eilish revealed on social networks that she had a crush on Sarah Michelle Gellar after watching Buffy the Vampire Slayer when she was a teenager. A statement that made the actress very happy, especially since it was the perfect opportunity to impress her daughter Charlotte.

“Oh, that was amazing. I saw it and I thought, “Finally she’s going to think I’m cool!”. Honestly, it was the only way… Because nothing I do is cool for my teenager. Nothing at all”, she lamented during a passage on the set of The Talk.

A few cool days

“I think some of her friends showed her on the bus, because she doesn’t have social media. So they had to show him. And she just came home beaming. And it kept me scoring for, like, almost a week,” Sarah Michelle Gellar joked.

The star should continue to be well seen by her teenage daughter in the coming days. Indeed, Sarah Michelle Gellar is the poster of If you avenge mea Netflix teen movie in which she plays the star of RiverdaleCamila Mendes.

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