Saudi Crown Prince Takes Full Control of SNK

SNK Corporationthe historic video game company, becomes almost entirely part of a related company (Electronic Gaming Development) to the crown prince of Saudi Arabia, Mohammed bin Salman. The figure of the crown prince will be recognizable by many having recently acquired the Newcastle United of the premier league English, a person of enormous power and who lives surrounded by a large number of controversies and reprehensible events.

In 2020, your company acquired 33.3% of the shares of SNK Corporationand now he has made it official that he already has the 96.18% from SNK Corporation. With the purchase of the Japanese company, the Mohammed bin Salman Foundation In this way, it seeks to have a greater impact on youth, as they have highlighted in a press release.

«The decision to invest in SNK will enhance the strong capabilities of the company, which has numerous intellectual properties in the gaming industry, with real development potential.” Nobody knows for sure what will happen to SNK in the future after what can already be highlighted as total control by the Saudi prince and its network of companies

SNK, legend of the video game industry

SNK is one of the most legendary companies in the video game industry, a brand that has left legends everywhere and from a large number of genres. Recognized worldwide for the enormous level of its arcadehis commitment to the world of consoles was also important, starting with NeoGeo AES, one of the most special and recognized machines in history. quite an experience Arcadian in our own home, and that both in its day and, especially, today is completely beyond the reach of most pockets. After that, Neo Geo CD, Neo Geo Pocket and eventual experiences such as portable machines, mini or sticks which include their games.

The SNK legend is still alive, perhaps far from his best times, but a good example of this is one of his latest releases: The King of Fighters XV. His emblematic saga, and another of the mythical ones like metal-slug will also see the light in 2022 thanks to Metal Slug Tactics.

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