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“It’s a physical film, I had to train a lot. Just think about the action sequences, a particular scene in the water that you can also see in the trailer. Some parts took days, months to shoot, ”reveals Chris Pratt, star of The war of tomorrow, available from 2 July on Amazon Prime Video.

It tells of a mysterious alien invasion that takes place in 2051. The only way to defeat the enemy is to act in the present, playing with time travel. Today’s humanity takes up arms and leaves for the front, no one can escape. “This aspect is real. It happened during the two world wars, then for Vietnam. Thousands of men forced to risk their lives for their homeland. This is what happens to my character, who rediscovers himself as a warrior to save his loved ones ”.

Pratt lends his face to Dan Forester, a former soldier with a young daughter and a father with whom he has a stormy relationship. “The moment when we reflect on our parents as adults is crucial. We are more aware, we question ourselves, and we also understand the mistakes made in our youth. This is how we forgive ”, Pratt reasons. The father in the film is played by JK Simmons: “The bond and the generational clash that are staged represent the element that most fascinated me. My Slade is dynamic, it follows its own path of growth ”.

Screenwriter Zach Dean explains what it was like to bring the world of The war of tomorrow. “We worked to delineate multiple environments, imagining what the future would be like. It was a good challenge. I started with the feelings that bind a family and then add science fiction. It seemed to me an intriguing point of view around which to turn the story ”.


Behind the camera is Chris McKay. “I focused on the union of several genres. I wondered what would happen thirty years from now. And at that point I outlined the emotions that arise in a difficult situation. To carry out The war of tomorrow it took control and balance. We must never lose the route, I am satisfied with the final result. We also had to invent the equipment, the weapons, the armor. The scenography that surrounds our heroes is fundamental ”.

Jasmine Mathews, in the film one of the soldiers arriving from 2051, says: “This adventure has given me hope. Suddenly humanity has a common goal, and is forced to work together to improve reality ”. Yvonne Strahovski echoes her: “We need to talk about unity, about mutual aid, especially with the pandemic. We have been divided, apart from each other. In The war of tomorrow instead they all fight for the same reason ”.


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