Save with this USB memory and save the content of your iPhone (don’t pay more for iCloud)

What to do when your cell phone asks for additional storage memory space?  (Photo: Getty Images)

What to do when your cell phone asks for additional storage memory space? (Photo: Getty Images)

We know that the official price of Apple’s cell phone is more expensive than the rest of the options on the market, which is why some buyers prefer to choose a model with little storage space in order to save a few pesos.

However, this option means that in a very short time you have to: constantly delete your content and not download many applications, or pay for space in the iCloud, Drive, Dropbox cloud, among others. However, we have an option for you that is reliable and at a reasonable price.

The Flash Drive for iPhone

iPhone usb stick.  Photo: Amazon

iPhone usb stick. (Photo: Amazon)

This peculiar USB memory is being a sensation on social networks, and everything is due to the publication of a TikTok user which has shown how easy the process of backing up your data can be with devices like this.

It is simply a USB memory that has a Lightning connector on one side and a USB port convertible to USB-C for another. Thus, we will only have to connect the memory to the Apple cell phone port, save the data we want and reconnect the memory to our computer to access all the saved data.

Is it to save everything?

iPhone usb stick.  Photo: Amazon

iPhone usb stick. (Photo: Amazon)

Something you should keep in mind is that this memory will not save contacts, email accounts, or music from the iTunes Store. Its function is to act as a connected USB memory and transfer files such as those you have downloaded in the browser, your photo library and all the videos you have recorded.

If what you are looking for is a comprehensive storage of your phone, it is best to take a look at the iCloud settings to see what you are saving in the cloud and how to recover it after a possible loss of the cell phone or accident.

It is also compatible with Android

The interesting thing is that this unit is perfectly compatible with Android devices, although this would be something to be expected, since Google’s operating system is much more permissive when it comes to working with system files. In the case of iOS, we must install the official UTools application to be able to transfer the data to memory.

32 GB to store your stuff

iPhone usb stick.  Photo: Amazon

iPhone usb stick. (Photo: Amazon)

If you have a 64 GB iPhone, thanks to the 32 GB of internal memory of this memory you can enjoy a total of 96GB total. In other words, you would have your 64 GB always available inside your cell phone, and another 32 GB of important documents that you would like to be able to have at any time stored in this memory that you could take with you whenever you want.

All that saved data can be explored from a PC by connecting the drive to a USB port, and if you have a modern laptop with USB-C ports, you can also connect it thanks to its convertible port.

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