‘Saw Axe’: Jigsaw parodies Nicole Kidman ad for Synesa

The advertisement starring Nicole Kidman, which originally appeared before films in AMC movie theaters in the United States, is widely known by all viewers who come to watch their favorite releases on the big screen. The advertising in Spain is adapted for Cinésa, as it is part of the same group as AMC. In this, Nicole Kidman is the actress who makes us laugh and cry at the Cinerama Movie Theater, and that the stories there are great and powerful. However, where we could see simple advertising, Lionsgate saw an opportunity they couldn’t miss.

Nicole Kidman for AMC

‘Saw Ax’ distributors have decided that Jigsaw will star in a remake of Kidman’s original ad with one change. While ‘The Others’ actress talks to us about the beautiful experience of going to the movies, the evil puppet says things like: “We come to theaters to scream, to beg, to play”Referring to what his character does in the famous horror franchise.

Jigsaw has joined the trend of creating memes of the famous advertisement, which began appearing on the Internet after the movie was released in theaters. But this parody surpasses any other parody with this remake that changes phrases from the original ad at will., “That indescribable feeling when the lights go on and off. And your calls for help aren’t answered. And you wake up tied up in a dirty warehouse,” says the terrifying doll, who appears in one of the movies on her iconic tricycle. Is seen in the theatre.

Under the slogan at the end of the video where it says: “Traps, they make movies better”, the ‘Saw’ doll replaced others with phrases like “Somehow getting your heart broken feels good in a place like this”. Is. The different and appropriate meaning for this saga is this: “Somehow self-dissection feels good in a place like this.”,

The character that creates the twisted game, where people fight to survive while going through terrifying and bloody trials, manages to make this marketing campaign a success, especially considering that it is the tenth installment.

It’s already very close…

The tenth installment of one of the bloodiest sagas in the history of horror cinema will be released on the big screen on September 29., ‘saw

However, he learns that he will never recover and that the doctors are lying to him. This is reason enough for cold and bloody vengeance. The events that occur in this film take place between the first two installments of the franchise, ‘Saw’ and ‘Saw 2’.

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