Say goodbye to stress at events with the ‘wellbeing’ spaces from the company Agiito

The company specialized in corporate travel management and events shake presents his wellness centers intended for clients who take part in conferences and professional meetings. In fact, the company is already working with the social organization eventwellcreated to educate, promote and support better health and wellness in the events sector.

‘relaxing’ room

The Hub by Eventwell it is a quiet room and a sensory space, which has been designed to offer an escape from the energetic and often overwhelming environment that surrounds events. For the occasional visitor to leave behind the nerves and pressure of work, the stay has a dim lightingnoise canceling headphones, books and other tools to combat sensory overload.

The facilities are designed to give attendees a 10-minute break from the hustle and bustle and the hustle and bustle inherent in any event in which they participate. For those who need a longer break from activities events, Eventwell can stream sessions via a tv in the center. In addition, many of the spaces also offer a trained mental health coach who is available to offer support when needed.

It proposes wellness spaces where you can escape the hustle and bustle of the event and relax for ten minutes, isolating yourself from outside noise with headphones, as well as books and help from professionals.

Agiito’s sustainability manager, Dana Moorestates: “The data from the mental health charities show that up to one in six event attendees could be struggling with their mental health and we want to accommodate that.”

“We wanted to extend the wellness solutions we have implemented in business travel to our meetings and events division, and what better way to support this than partnering with the event industry’s award-winning mental health voice”, concludes Moore.

For her part, the executive director of Eventwell, Helen Moonexplains “We wanted to be more than an organization that provides training, we wanted to create something that was preventative and realizable”.

“We wanted to develop a tailor-made service for each event and provide real support. The centers are transformative, since the delegates need just 10 minutes to refresh their brains”, Moon points out.

Agiito has been working for several years with Eventwell and TMC’s venue and events search director, Caroline Medcalfis also a voluntary trustee of that.

“Mental health and inclusion need not stop at the door; we recognize that our clients want to take care of their people by creating a culture of self-care at their events. And this partnership means we can expand our offer taking into account well-being and accessibility“Medcalf says.

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