Say Goodbye to the Belly with a 30-Second Workout: Recommended by Harvard!

If you want say goodbye to the belly there is a simple 30-second exercise that Harvard also recommends and that to your surprise are not the abs of a lifetime. In fact, doctors from the Harvard Medical School once carried out a study in which they concluded that in the face of ABS There is another exercise that is perfect to eliminate the fat incorporated in the abdomen and develop the abdominal area effectively.

Exercise to lose belly that Harvard recommends

The study in question is called «Core Exercises» and although they were looking for the best exercise to have good abs, they not only found this one, but also now also it is recommended to lose the belly, even if you don’t want to mark your “six pack”.

Thus, the exercise in question is none other than planks which is also known by its English name «plank», and of which you will only need 30 seconds daily to notice a change in a few weeks.

In case you don’t know what exercise it is, we will tell you that to do the plank or «plank» well you have to stand on your hands and toes in a pre-push-up position. To make it much better, it is said that the position is more effective if instead of the hands we lean on the elbows. hold on like this 30 seconds each day and the result will be that of a much more defined abdomen and a flat belly.

The reason why this exercise is so good according to Harvard experts is that, unlike sit-ups, which work only on the abdominal muscles. In the case of the «plank» it is an exercise in which the effort develops more muscles in both the sides and the abdomen and also the back.

Other benefits of doing planks

In addition, practicing the plank exercise not only allows you to reduce your belly, but it is also said that it has other benefits such as, for example, that improves balance as well as posture and also strengthens our “core” or core something that will help us to do better the rest of the exercises that we want to do. In addition to being a simple exercise that is done on the ground and for which no accessory is required, can be done anywhere where you are so that you have no excuse to get in shape in a short time.

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