Scandal in Slovenia with placebos for politicians instead of vaccines: zero sources from Ljubljana

A video is circulating that tells us about scandal in Slovenia “since yesterday”. One of the many conspiracy contributions, according to which politicians would have been administered placebo and not the Covid vaccine. A bit as stated by Meluzzi in the summer, before taking a partial step back as we have reported in its time. The complaint, according to several Italian users who imported the story into our country, stems from head nurse of the University Medical Center, a clinical center in Ljubljana.

Let’s clarify the scandal in Slovenia with the placebo to politicians from Ljubljana

On paper, the scandal in Slovenia appears very strong, as the center in question, according to the chain, is in charge of receiving the bottles and managing everything related to the vaccination campaign. The woman would have resigned, then presented herself in front of the cameras and took out bottles of vaccines. In short, according to the viral post, no politician in the country would have completed the Covid vaccination.

As if that weren’t enough, he adds that people forced to get vaccinated will have soft tissue cancer within two years. Having explained the context and the message regarding the alleged scandal in Slovenia, an analysis of the aforementioned video is necessarily necessary. First, the original version can be found on Facebook and the date dates back to last July. Therefore, no public complaint arrived yesterday from the head nurse of the University Medical Center.

If you try a Google search with the name of the center, adding “placebo” to it, you will find that we are feeding a story based on cosmic nothingness, directly from Ljubljana. Is it possible that from July to today there has not been an investigation or at least a fair media coverage between local and foreign sources? Is it possible that the scandal in Slovenia over the placebo to politicians has not even attracted the attention of well-known conspiracy sites?

It’s still, who is this lady? How do you demonstrate the statements that emerge from the superficial Italian translation? Remember that a video on social media, with no sources behind it, can never be news. Speech that also applies to the alleged scandal in Slovenia.

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