Scarlett Johansson addresses Black Widow MCU return rumors

As he is set to produce an upcoming Marvel Cinematic Universe project, black mother Star Scarlett Johansson has played down the possibility that her eponymous character will make a sensational return to the MCU.

while sitting on Today On the show, Johansson addressed rumors of Natasha Romanoff returning to the MCU despite the beloved character’s death Avengers: Endgame, While confirming her character’s demise in the shared universe, Johansson also dismissed the possibility of Black Widow making a surprise second appearance at some point. When TODAY host Savannah Guthrie claimed that Marvel “always finds a way” to bring characters back, Johansson said, “I think it could be… I think it was the end, is Nah? I don’t know how you get back from there.”

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during endgame, Black Widow sacrifices herself to Vormir to obtain the Soul Stone, sparing the fate of Hawkeye’s family and the Avengers in the battle of the eponymous supergroup to undo Thanos’ Snap. According to Johansson, her character’s death was so certain that it would require a “miracle” to logically bring Black Widow back. When asked if she would revive the character, Johansson said, “I would…It would be a miracle. It would be a real miracle. It would be a miracle. But, you know, who knows? Eh .. “I’m not sure.”

Is Scarlett Johansson’s MCU over?

In April, Johansson confirmed that she was finished with the MCU, ending an extensive 2010s run. iron Man 2, His MCU finale was in 2021 black mother The prequel film, which was well received by critics, however he sued Disney after the film flopped at the box office as the film was simultaneously released on Disney+. Johansson later settled with Disney over the matter, with reports claiming the acclaimed actor received up to $40 million.

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While Natasha Romanoff is no longer in the MCU, Johansson still has a connection to the cinematic universe as she is attached to a secret Marvel project. But The Marvels’ world premiere, Marvel president Kevin Feige reassured MCU fans that the project, confirmed by Johansson earlier this year, will happen, though he wouldn’t go into any specific details on the project or potential release window.

Meanwhile, Johansson, who starred asteroid city And North Star Earlier this year, he is working on the upcoming space race film, project artemis, for which she also serves as an executive producer. Johansson was originally set to reunite with original MCU partner, Chris Evans project artemis Before Evans left the project and was replaced by Channing Tatum.

black mother And endgame Available for streaming via Disney+.

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