Scarlett Johansson and Freida Pinto play a lesbian couple

The prestigious Toronto Film Festival has been the venue where it has premiered “North Star”, the film with which Kristin Scott Thomas makes her editorial debut. As expected, critics’ reviews have begun to be published and thanks to them we have learned Scarlett Johansson and Freida Pinto play a lesbian couple in the film,

The North Star tells us its story Three sisters who get together on their mother’s wedding day, But this is not just any marriage. His mother, who is twice widowed because her previous husbands died while serving in the British Royal Navy. So the girls have experienced the death of their father and their first stepfather and they don’t really understand what their mother sees in this potential third husband.

Victory(Sienna Miller), the eldest of the sisters, works as an actress in Hollywood and is very good at exploiting family tragedies in interviews and falling in love with older men. katherine (Scarlett Johansson), the middle child, is the only one who follows in her father and stepfather’s footsteps into the military and, like them, she is not very good at balancing family life with work. And finally GeorginaShe is the youngest in the family, who is worried that her husband will cheat on her.

For us, what raised our eyebrows was The Playlist’s review in which they described the Katherine storyline this way:

Katherine is set to become the first female aircraft carrier captain in the history of the United Kingdom. Meanwhile, she has become distant from her young son, named Marcus (Flynn Edwards), due to being at sea for months, and is beginning to cause problems with her partner Jack (Freida Pinto). Katherine and Jack have been living together for years and raising Marcus, but have no plans to marry, much to the dismay of Diana and Belkis (their two mothers).

From this we can confirm that Scarlett Johansson and Freida Pinto play a lesbian couple in the story, Yes, there is a couple struggling with problems, because the movies don’t show much about a happy life. oh ok.

At present the reviews of the film are not very good. In any case, we’ll give it a chance, because you already know that we always collect all the movies in which a lesbian couple appears. Of course, we have to wait because At present there is no release date for it in theater or platform.

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