Scarlett Johansson in the trunk of memories, tender photo of a girl

American actress Scarlett Johansson has been titled “The World’s Most ‘Attractive’ Woman Alive” twice, making her the first celebrity to earn that honor for the second time in a very short period of time, so as a child her appearance was one of the most tender that we are sure that she would also earn the title of “The most tender girl in the world”.

Starting his artistic career from a very young age, only 10 years old, he would be a participant in the fiilm “A Boy Called North” released in 1994, playing the role of Laura Nelsonbelonging to the comedy genre, the direction would be in charge of Rob Reinerunfortunately it would receive terrible reviews from film experts, earning zero stars, being one of the worst films, however, the performance of the little Scarlett Johansson I would highlight this project.

However at the age of eleven he would get his first leading role with the film “Manny & Lo“, released in 1996, a drama film, directed by Lisa Kruger, Scarlett Johansson was next to Mary Kay Place, Alex Palladinothe actress would play the role of Amanda on this tape.

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Gradually making his way through the big screen industry, without stopping working hard until in 2003, at only 19 years old, he would participate in the film project “Lost in Translation“, directed and written by the producer sophia coppolawould be the film that would lead the 37-year-old actress to take her first prize, giving life to Charlotte, being part of the leading roles.

Scarlett Johansson in the trunk of memory, tender photo of a girl, photo: Twitter

Her tender little face when she appeared in her first film project was divine, her eyes that radiated tenderness, having beautiful green eyes that are quite similar to emeralds, due to their high value and preciousness, so that in her adult facet she has fallen in love with more than one in her step, being a completely beautiful woman, with a silhouette that leaves her audience breathless.

Currently the beautiful Scarlett Johansson one of the best paid, experiencing other facets of her career, trying a little more to be in production, encouraging herself to be part of that team, which is inspiring, because she is constantly changing, she seeks to enrich herself as a person.

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