Scarlett Johansson offers positive update on her Tower of Terror movie


  • set to star in scarlett johansson’s film adaptation Tower of Terror After his successful performance in the MCU, he shows readiness to face new challenges.
  • Tower of Terror The film is in development, with Johansson confirming that the script is being improved following the writers’ strike. She teases a big story for the film.
  • Despite its previous feud with Disney over the release of black motherJohansson and the studio now seem to be on good terms, as evidenced by Tower of Terror project and a new Marvel Studios project are reportedly in the works.

mcu star Scarlett Johansson His career is about to take a dark turn with the film adaptation of Tower of Terror,

After playing one of the most beloved women in the Marvel Cinematic Universe, the Academy Award-nominee is ready to turn the page and face new challenges, though she won’t be straying too far from the Mouse House. Once again, Disney is looking to bring one of its famous theme park attractions to the big screen, with Johansson leading the project. The film was announced for 2021, and little has been revealed about the progress of production. But finally the good news has arrived.

During a recent appearance on the Today Show, Johansson confirmed that the film is still in development, and despite her past feud with Disney, teased a big story (courtesy of CBR):

“Now that the writers’ strike is over, we’ve finally been able to rework this script. It’s a huge, huge undertaking.”

The name of the attraction, which opened in 1994, is inspired by the Hollywood Tower Hotel, a fictional hotel that appeared in an episode of the classic science fiction series. the Twilight Zone, According to the story told in Parks, on Halloween night 1939, a massive party was held at the Tip Top Club on the 13th floor of the building, which ended in tragedy. Five passengers were struck by lightning as they were boarding an elevator to go to a party, and the rest is history.

In 1997, Disney released a television film based on the attraction, starring Steven Guttenberg and Kirsten Dunst. In fact, it was the first time the studio did something they would repeat. Pirates of the Caribbean, haunted Mansion, jungle cruise even more.

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Are Disney and Scarlett Johansson on good terms now?

Scarlett Johansson as Black Widow.
marvel studios

news about Tower of Terror The film is indicative of how the relationship between Johansson and Disney has grown over the past two years. After being embroiled in controversy regarding the release of black mother In 2021, the actress sued the company over the Disney+ release strategy implemented on Marvel Studios movies. The prequel, centered on Johansson’s popular MCU character, premiered during the pandemic when many theaters were closed, leading the studio to decide to release the film on streaming simultaneously, breaking their contract with the actress.

In the lawsuit, Johansson alleges that the film was severely damaged, and its potential was completely wasted as the company looked to gain new subscribers for its streaming platform, which began operating in late 2019. .

Black Widow wasn’t the only film that went through this situation. Several Disney titles also suffered the same fate or were released exclusively on the platform, such as Soul, luke And to be redSomething that also created conflict between the House of Mouse and Pixar.

Luckily, in October 2021, Disney and Johansson reached an agreement, and it seems the relationship has managed to avoid conflict. simultaneously Tower of Terror In the film, Johansson has also teased a new project with Marvel Studios that is reportedly unrelated to her Black Widow role.

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