Scarlett Johansson presents her own brand with which she moves away from the cinema

It is common for stars explore new terrain to do business beyond the cinema. many of them launch their own brands taking advantage of the magnetism that their names have and thus expand their image. The last one has been Scarlett Johanssonwho has just announced his new project off-camera.

The actress has presented a skin care line which will land in stores on March 1. The Outset, as it is called, is still in the development phase, so its website currently only allows membership. Although it already has a presence in different social networks such as TikTok or Instagramwhere he will take advantage of the pull of the youngest.

In fact, it has been on this last social network where he has published the greatest number of details, including slogans and some statements by the interpreter of Black Widow to Vogue: “I have been the face of several luxury brands throughout my career, and all those experiences were really wonderful… I guess I always felt like I was playing a character in those campaigns and as it evolved, I wanted to create and represent a brand that was true to me“.

Under the slogan “The beginning of you”, the profiles on social networks already have tens of thousands of followers despite being online for a couple of days. But Scarlett Johansoon’s husband, the comedian Colin Joshdid not want to miss this opportunity to show off his humor.

In a post he hesitated: “Is this the best way to contact you? I am starting a similar brand called “Part of a Face” and I would love to use this photo. Thanks”.

The 37-year-old actress and member of Saturday night Live They began their relationship in May 2017 and they got married in october 2020, for a year later to have their son, named Cosmo. Recently, both starred in an advertisement within the framework of the superbowl for Amazon about its Alexa product that has already been viewed nearly 69 million times on YouTube.

As for Johansson, after ‘Black Widow’has embarked on several productions, among which stand out the new wes anderson with Tom Hanks or Margot Robbiewhose filming began in the Madrid town of Chinchon last summer. She has also been linked to the new adaptation of the classic ‘Little Shop of Horrors’who will star alongside Chris Evans.

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