Scarlett Johansson realizes a woman behind her is ‘disappearing’ and gives candid account of the story. Entertainment

Scarlett Johansson mentioned the meme in an interview Playback

At the 2006 Globo de Oro ceremony, an interview with Scarlett Johansson went viral. There was no red carpet at the awards this time and when she slipped on the clothes she had chosen for the day, a woman walked past her and “disappeared”. A meme was shown in the video and speculations began about what happened there.

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Was it magic? Teleportation? As soon as you jump on the pages of old gas statuses and videos on social networks. However, the actress herself has never seen that video. During her appearance on Jimmy Fallon’s program, she engaged in a moment with the audience and gave an unrevealed detail: Who was the woman who “disappeared”?

“Meu deus, essa a minha mae! A woman with black hair is a minha mae!” shouted Johansson, who also decided to jump in: “I’ve been looking for him for 15 years, it’s so weird.”

The talk show presenter as well as the audience present at the final sixth fair, Day 17 event, started laughing. Finally, what happened to my actress who “attended” my interview? Internet users themselves will find that the reason for this will be the angle of the camera and the position of other people in the environment.

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