Scarlett Johansson’s Tower of Terror gets a positive update after Disney lawsuit and attacks


  • Scarlett Johansson provides a positive update on the Tower of Terror film following the end of the Disney lawsuit and strike. A summary of the script work is given.
  • Josh Cooley, known for his work with Disney-Pixar, is reportedly writing the script. Taika Waititi is attached to direct.
  • A Tower of Terror reboot has potential with a talented writer, director, and star, but it’s still uncertain whether or not it will be made.

Scarlett Johansson provides a positive update on this Tower of Terror The film follows the end of his Disney lawsuit and the dual Hollywood attacks. The theme-park attraction was previously adapted in Disney’s 1997 Tower of Terror TV movie starring Steven Guttenberg and Kirsten Dunst, although the studio has been trying to commission another adaptation for years. Johansson joined the project as a star and producer, around the same time she filed a lawsuit against Disney over the release black mother in theaters and on Disney+ simultaneously, although that lawsuit has since been settled.

during a recent appearance Today On the show, Johansson provided a positive update on her Tower of Terror Now that the lawsuits and strikes have been resolved, the film is going on.

Now that the WGA strike is over, Johansson says she has finished working on the script Tower of Terror Movies, although he also underlined what a huge undertaking this project is. Read his full comments below:

Now that the writers’ strike is over, we have finally been able to polish this script again. This is a huge, huge undertaking.

Everything We Know About Scarlett Johansson’s Tower of Terror Movie

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Although Johansson did not name him, Josh Cooley is reportedly writing the script Tower of Terror Movies, The filmmaker already has a close working relationship with Disney, with his collaboration with Pixar seeing much success. Cooley co-wrote from inside to outside and received an Academy Award nomination for Best Original Screenplay. After this he directed toy story 4 And won the Oscar for Best Animated Feature Film. Johansson, Oscar nominated actress marriage story And jojo rabbitis no stranger to Disney, having starred as Black Widow in the Marvel Cinematic Universe for over a decade.

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has won an Oscar for writing jojo rabbitAdapted screenplay of, Taika Waititi is reportedly attached to direct Tower of Terror Movies, The filmmaker is also known for his work and direction under the Disney umbrella. Thor: Ragnarok And Thor: Love and Thunder (and an episode of The Mandalorian, However, Waititi will have his hands full for the foreseeable future, as he just recently revealed star wars Work on the film is still going on. Associated with an accomplished writer, director and star Tower of Terror The reboot should be interesting to see when it’s finally completed.

Tower of Terror (1997) is not available on any streaming service due to a rights dispute between Disney and MGM.

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