scarred in training, Cristiano Ronaldo takes dearly in a Portuguese newspaper!

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For several months now, Cristiano Ronaldo has had to juggle difficulties. In the hard at Manchester United where he is no longer part of Erik Ten Hag’s priority plans, CR7 hoped to take advantage of the international rally to redo the icing. Failed since Cristiano Ronaldo, despite the wide success of Portugal (4-0), did not shine on the lawn.

Worse, due to a violent shock with the Czech goalkeeper Vaclik, Cristiano Ronaldo ended up with a bloody face and two days later, CR7 bears the scars with a swollen face displayed during training for his selection.

“Less Ronaldo, more Portugal”

At the same time, Cristiano Ronaldo sees the protest rising around him. “Less Ronaldo, more Portugal”, headlines A Bola in its edition of the day, a newspaper which points to its reduced volume of play, its declining statistics or the growing influence of Bruno Fernandes. CR7 could also be entitled to the bench during the shock against Spain tomorrow evening …

to summarize

Dirty period for Cristiano Ronaldo who, in addition to having his face seriously damaged, saw the Portuguese press start to cringe against him. The front page of A Bola indeed clearly pinpoints the star of Portugal.

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