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The mission is to win to dispute the Super Bowl LVIIbut the task will not be easy at all when this Sunday the Final of the National Conference where the san francisco 49ers they will be visiting the Philadelphia Eagles.

How do they get there?

The “Niners” are already used to playing the Conference Finals as they will play the third of the last four yearsremembering that the previous season they fell against the Los Angeles Rams.

The NFC West team finished as champion in said division and as second place in the National Conference, eliminating the seattle seahawks and recently to the dallas cowboyswhere they have the best defense in the league and that will be their main weapon to win.

However, on the other side of the ball, he has a more than complete arsenal with the running back Christian McCaffrey and the receivers Deebo Samuel, Brandon Aiyukas well as tight end George Kittle. However, it is in the quarterback position where they have had the most difficulties, since they started with Trey Lance and then Jimmy Garoppolo had to take the controls, but both could not continue on the gridiron due to injury and “Mr. Irrelevant”, the rookie Brock Purdyhe took command of the offense and since he took the title in Week 14 he has not lost, so he wants to continue with his undefeated.

the head coach, kyle shanahanHe commented that he has respect for facing the best team in the NFC, but that with his strengths, mainly in defense with Nick Bosa, they will try to win at home.

“They have a very talented team, I know they’ve been No. 1 in the conference from start to finish of the season, but we will assert that we have the best defense in the leaguewe are looking forward to meeting that challenge,” he said.

latest results

  • Cowboys 12-19 49ers | divisional round
  • Seahawks 23-41 49ers | Wild Card Round
  • Cardinals 13-38 49ers | week 18

While Philadelphia was the best team in the conference both offensively and defensively and therefore managed to avoid the first round, to enter directly into the Divisional Round where they swept the New York Giants.

With this appearance, the Pennsylvania team becomes the franchise with Most NFC conference finals since 2000 with a total of 7 (counting that of 2023), although they have only been able to reach the Super Bowl twice.

At the end of the game against New York, the team’s coach, Nick Sirianni compared the QB Jalen Hurts with Michael Jordan for the ability it has to change the difference on a playing field.

“I know this is high praise, but having him there is like having, he shouldn’t go there, it’s like having Michael Jordan out there. He’s the leader. He’s the man,” he said.

last bookmarks

  • Giants 7-38 Eagles | divisional round
  • Giants 16-22 Eagles | week 18
  • Saints 20-10 Eagles | week 17


The “Niners” lead the all-time series with a record of 20 wins for 14 losses and one tie and have won three of the last five meetings. In addition, the last antecedent in the Playoffs occurred in 1996 in the Wild Card where San Francisco prevailed 24 to 12 as a visitor.

  • 49ers 17-11 Eagles | 2021
  • Eagles 25-20 49ers | 2020
  • 49ers 10-33 Eagles | 2017
  • Eagles 21-26 49ers | 2014
  • 49ers 24-23 Eagles | 2011

Philadelphia Eagles and San Francisco 49ers: history in the Super Bowl

Philadelphia has been to three Super Bowls where they lost in the XV and XXXIX editions against the Oakland Raiders and New England Patriots, respectively; while in the latter, LIIthey took revenge and defeated the “Pats”.

While the “Niners” have played a total of 7 Super Bowls with a balance of 5 wins (1982, 1985, 1989, 1990 and 1995) due to two setbacks (2013 and 2020); the most recent three years ago falling to Patrick Mahomes’ Kansas City Chiefs.


The Águilas start as favorites for the duel by a difference of 2.5 points and in a combined way they are expected to score 46.5 units, according to

What time is the 49ers game?

  • Day: Sunday, January 29, 2023
  • Schedule: 2:00 p.m. (Central Mexico time)
  • Venue: Lincoln Financial Field
  • Phase: NFC Conference Final in the 2022-23 NFL season

Where to SEE Eagles vs 49ers 2023?

  • Channel: Channel 5 and Fox Sports
  • Streaming: ViX, Fox Sports Premium, and NFL Game Pass

In the event that you cannot follow the transmission of the game, you have nothing to worry about, since the most relevant thing that happens before, during and after the game, in addition to minute by minute, you can check with us at halftime.

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