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The VIII edition of the Bogotá International Film Festival will arrive in the city from next October 6, the BIFF will bring more than forty international productions and will premiere several film projects expected by attendees.

Apart from the screening, the festival also has an academic agenda called BIFF Bang! where there will be workshops and conferences to get to know the world of cinema in depth, this space will be led by professionals in the Industrial Photo of the festival.

The organizers told EFE that the festival will be “a complex repertoire of films, academic activities, industry panels and the most recent award-winning films on the international circuit,” which places Bogotá as “a privileged destination for lovers of the seventh art.” and additionally, for all those of Young Spirit who like to discover”.

The festival brings guests from 31 countries, 18 first works, 18 films directed by women and two world premieres; among these will be Pepe Caceresby Camilo Molano and director Sebastián Eslava, and Rebelliondirected by José Luis Rugeles that tells the life of Colombian singer Joe Arroyo.

One of the films to be presented at the festival will be The Maternal by director Pilar Palomero who was also at the San Sebastián International Film Festival. Another of the most anticipated is a fantastic woman by Sebastián Lelio and produced by Fábula cine, the production house that will be honored within the framework of the Festival.

As part of this tribute, the BIFF decides to bet on a retrospective of the work of Fábula cine, who have already been awarded the Oscar for best foreign language film for a fantastic womanThey were also nominated for jackie with the performance of Natalie Portman and by spencer with Kristen Stewart.

“The section is completed with three documentaries that, based on individual testimonies, build portraits of collective experiences crossed by mutual support: ‘Alis’ (directed by Clare Weiskopf and Nicolás van Hemelryck), ‘Mis dos vozs’ (directed by Lina Rodríguez) and ‘Children of the wind’ (directed by Felipe Monroy),” added the organizers.

One of the Festival’s guests is the actress and filmmaker Ana María Nieto, who participated in the technical team of Memory by the Thai director Apichatpong Weerasetakhul and who has a significant journey in the seventh art.

The films and documentaries will be distributed in different places in the city such as the District Cinematheque or some Cinema Colombia Alternativo theaters. If you want to check the schedule, we leave it at this link.

Remember to connect to the live signal of the HJCK, the art of listening.

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