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atrriva finally up Mediaset Infinity the first season of the Canadian sitcom Schitt’s Creek, which took home this year two Golden Globe (best comedy series and best actress in a leading role Catherine O’Hara) and in 2020 well 9 Emmy Awards (out of 15 nominations) beating out acclaimed series such as The Kominsky Method and The fantastic Mrs. Maisel. The additional five seasons will come over the next few months. Meanwhile, enjoy the first 13 episodes of the fun adventures of the Rose family.

Schitt’s Creek was created by Eugene Levy (Amercan Pie) and Daniel Levy (I do not present to you my), father and son in real life and in the series (both won two Emmys for their roles as former tycoon Johnny Rose and 29-year-old hipster David). While watching some reality shows, Daniel Levy began to wonder what would have happened to the wealthy reality TV families if they suddenly lost their assets. From there the idea of developing the series together with his father was born.

Schitt’s Creek. Season 1

The Roses are a wealthy family that suddenly finds itself without a dollar, scammed by the accountant Eli. What to do at that point? They leave their super comfortable life, the super glitzy villa and move into the small and depressing Schitt’s Creek, a town that the wealthy video store tycoon Johnny, had given to his son years earlier as a joke.

Johnny lives with the wife Moira (Catherine O’Hara), a snobbish former soap opera star, and their two spoiled children: the eldest David (Daniel Levy), in the past at the center of the American art scene thanks to his father’s wallet (he will lose his certainties in the new life to Schitt’s Creek) and the worldly Alexis as Annie Murphy), frequenter of sultans.

There is also the fifty-year-old Roland N. Shitt as Chris Elliot, the out-of-the-box mayor of the town that bears his name and that has a single pastime: drive Johnny crazy. At his side we find his wife Jocelyn (Jennifer Robertson) who conquered the audience with her Outfit.

The Rose Family (Photo Steve Wilkie)

The series inspired by the Kardashian family

Daniel Levy, author and protagonist of Schitt’s Creek, revealed that Kim Kardashian and her family have been an inspiration: “Watching some reality shows I wondered what would happen if one of these wealthy families had lost all their possessions. Would the Kardashians still be the Kardashians without their money?». Hence the idea of the series that closed its doors with the sixth season.

The Rose Family (Photo Steve Wilkie)


Catherine O’Hara thanks to her wigs has become a gay icon

Together with the entire cast shines Catherine O’Hara, formerly Kevin’s mom in Mom, I missed the plane, which interprets Moria Rose, the most iconic and over the top of the series with its Wigs which are inspired by the hairstyles of the beer magnate Daphne Guinness (as revealed by the actress). Each wig corresponds to a mood of the house woman, at the same time “is a sort of protective helmet” said the actress.

Yes, because behind the anaffective Moira hide its fragility that we find out episode after episode, season after season, wig after wig. And as a trademark are also its Fiery red lips.

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And O’Hara has also become an icon for the LGBTQ community, who literally went crazy for the series and especially for the character of Moira.



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