School, Covid contracts: the government respects the commitments and finances the extension until June

Rome, 9 March – Il 31 Marchdate of expiry of Covid replacement contracts is approaching, but the government, which has always hinted that these contracts would be extended until June 2022, still does not take the necessary measures to follow up on the commitments made.

The extension of these contracts until March 31 has been made general and extended to ATA staff precisely because it was expected that additional resources for coverage were found until June 30, but to date, around 200 million euros are missing to finance the extension until the end of the teaching activities

The FLC GIL asks all the actors involved, the Ministers of Education and the Economy, to promptly and responsibly provide for allocate the resources necessary for the extension of Covid contracts.

The Covid alternates, about 55,000 male and female workers cannot be left in total uncertainty or at the mercy of regional differences that will occur at the deadline of March 31, with regions that will extend the contracts and others that will not.

The Ministry has for some time expressed itself positively on the solution of financial coverage and the evolution of infections in recent days, it is there to demonstrate that covid staff in schools is still extremely needed.

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