Schwarzenegger, 50 years apart and the same exercises

    We will repeat it a thousand times, Arnold Schwarzenegger will always be our favorite bodybuilding legend. Although other bodybuilders have more Mr. Olympia titles than him, such as Lee Haney or Ronnie Coleman, his legacy is timeless, and his incredible physique is a reference for any fitness athlete. And beware, because despite his 74 years he continues to train almost daily in the gym and perform the same exercises, as we show in this video.

    Arnold Schwarzenegger: 50 years apart and the same exercises

    Logically, good old Arnie pulls with much less kilos, due to his age and to avoid injury, but be careful because he continues to lift a lot, more than some of us… His exercises: lat pulldown, T-bar row for back and back curl biceps with straight bar.

    “When I was ten years old I knew I wanted to end up in the US, and it was fun because I never worried about making it, it was just a matter of getting there. Very few people traveled in those days, especially such huge distances, yet I I had a vision of one day being there. After I projected myself to become a bodybuilding champion, it was clear in my mind my image of being on stage winning the Mr. Universe contest and becoming the best bodybuilder. It was just a matter of doing the work: five hours of daily training, practicing the poses, learning about nutrition, in short. So, in everything, I always had a very clear and real vision of what I wanted”. Adherence to training, motivation, intensity and pull with many kilos. Legend!

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