Science and Innovation opens the call for expressions of interest for innovation projects in personalized medicine and advanced therapies

The call will allocate 55 million euros (30 million in the form of loans and 25 million in grants) to finance collaborative R&D&I projects in health between companies, centers and research organizations in the area of ​​the National Health System.

Its goal is to coordinate scientific and business capabilities to achieve faster progress in the development of clinical diagnostic products for personalized medicine and emerging strategic medicines.

Also, direct research and innovative efforts in the field of public-private collaboration towards challenges such as: early and more precise diagnoses; innovative and personalized treatments; and improvement of monitoring and rehabilitation of chronic diseases.

To this end, after the initial phase of expressions of interest, the call will finance R&D projects with the joint participation of companies and research centers and organizations from the National Health System (SNS), which are focused on generating results with application industry and/or business.

Phases of the call

Phase 1: expressions of interest

The call, which will be managed collaboratively through the CDTI and the ISCIII through independent but parallel application processes, begins with an initial phase of expressions of interest.

In this phase, the descriptions of the projects, joint between companies and organizations and research centers of the National Health System, will be presented. The expressions of interest must be submitted including a declaration of commitment to participate by each of the participating entities.

Participation in the expressions of interest phase is an essential requirement to be able to access the subsequent funding request phase, once the actions have been opened in the ISCIII and in the CDTI.

All expressions of interest must be delivered through the electronic headquarters of the CDTI (

Phase 2: aid application

At the funding request stage, each entity that has been part of an expression of interest must make a separate request as follows:

  • Companies, through the CDTI.

  • Public research bodies and centers of the SNS, through the ISCIII.

  • The code number associated with each expression of interest must be entered in the funding applications, which the CDTI and the ISCIII will evaluate independently according to the criteria applicable to their respective aid instruments.

The call will only finance the projects in which all the participants of the consortium have been evaluated and confirmed their designation as beneficiaries of aid from the CDTI and the ISCIII.

Joint action profile

Project duration: 2 years (01/01/23 to 12/31/24).

Consortia: from 2 to 6 entities: at least one company + one research center or organization.

Public entities in the SNS environment that carry out R&D&I activities in biomedicine or in health sciences and technologies may be beneficiaries of this action. Subsidies of up to 100% of eligible expenses will be awarded and there is no minimum budget per center or research organization.

The main researcher must have formalized his relationship with the requesting center and may not appear in more than one application and the call for grants will be managed by the ISCIII.

Business financing

Companies that are validly constituted, have their own legal personality and fiscal domicile in Spain and develop an R&D project in Spain may be eligible for aid.

These are partially reimbursable grants of up to 90% of the eligible budget, with a non-reimbursable tranche of 33% of the grant. The interest rate of the reimbursable tranche will be one-year Euribor, set at the time the aid is granted. The minimum budget per company will be 175,000 euros and the aid request will be managed by the CDTI.

All actions financed within the framework of the call must respect the principle of not causing significant damage to the environment, which implies compliance with specific conditions related to mitigation and adaptation to climate change, sustainable use and protection of water and marine resources. , transition to a circular economy, pollution prevention and control, and protection and restoration of biodiversity and ecosystems.

Request for aid

The request for aid will be made through the following platforms:

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