Science fiction series, the best of the 21st century (and where to watch them)

There’s a lot science fiction series iconic, like The Twilight Zone or Doctor Who, and this is because they open a window to the future and all its possibilities.

In addition, the interesting thing is that the proposal changes every year, decade and century. As technology advances, science fiction also evolves and proposes more crazy, futuristic and mysterious things, such as the possibility of having a theme park full of robots that look like humans, placing our consciousness in a computer, or having a chip that reveals us who is our soul mate.

From the year 2000 until now, the science fiction has exploded on television, with the arrival of great series from different parts of the world that explore new ideas and possibilities. the german Darkfor example, broke records on Netflix and led many people to dare to read subtitles, Westworld presented us with a moral dilemma, and shows like Made for Love confirm how absurd the subject of love can be in the digital age.

All these series are different, but what they have in common is that they are among the best you can watch today (and they have marked the last 22 years).

These science fiction series are the best of the 21st century:

Dark (Netflix)


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This German series takes place in a small town in the mountains. Trouble begins when a young boy goes missing, shocking the community and leading his siblings and friends to try to find answers. All of this connects with a time traveler, several mysterious deaths, and a series of events that could bring about the end of the world. the magic of Dark is that it is planned from start to finish, so everything is completely clear and closed.

Severance (Apple Tv+)


This content can also be viewed on the site it originates from.

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