Scientists want to darken the sun to stop global warming


There are so many things we can do to limit climate change and the environmental collapse that the world has been experiencing in recent years. One of the main ones will certainly take place in November with the international talks in Glasgow which will establish an important limitation of greenhouse gases.

Another thing we are doing, much more theoretical and about the future, is a project to artificially block the sunlight to prevent the planet from getting too hot. Yes that’s right, it sounds like the plot of a science fiction movie starring Matt Damon, but it’s a real geoengineering quest.

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Solar geoengineering is exactly what it sounds like: various technologies are used to block sunlight and cool the Earth. But none of the technologies involved in these studies are ready at the moment. Let’s talk about something we may be forced to put into practice in the future if things go very badly.


“Solar geoengineering, no matter how well we do it, will never perfectly compensate for the effects of climate change,” said study lead Helene Muri.

“There will always be things you can’t solve with solar geoengineering, especially ocean acidification,” he said. “A more acidic ocean affects everything in the food chains in the ocean, including coral reef decay, which is terrible for the ecosystem as a whole. This becomes evident as soon as you really start looking at it. There isn’t a bullet. silver. It is not the only solution that can solve everything “.

The other huge problem that this project cannot stop is obviously CO2 emissions, which need to be solved in any case.

In short, this artificial “shield” could serve in the future as a complementary aid to a broader policy that intervenes to support life on the planet, but alone it cannot do anything.

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