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By Guillermo Sanchez

After deals with the San Francisco Giants and New York Mets for Carlos Correa fell through, his agent Scott Boras managed to land an even better contract with his old team (was he ever “old”?), Minnesota Twins.

But when the agent was rebuked about the orthopedic specialist Dr Robert AndersonHe himself was not very happy. Let us remember that this doctor was consulted by New York about the results of the operation on Correa’s surgically repaired right ankle, but curiously he was the same one who expressed concern in San Francisco.

“It was different with the Giants because a doctor had an opinion that they didn’t know about. But the Mets figured this out. They knew the opinion of the Giants. So why did you negotiate when you know this in advance?.

“I told [a los abogados de los Mets]: ‘Now they’re putting the contract at risk,’ Boras told USA TODAY. I have to cover your risk with your deferral. You can not have everything. You can’t defer the contract, save $100 million in CBT taxes, and have him take all the risk on the back of the contract that’s not guaranteed.”.

Boras, for his part, at the end of this whole situation, believes that he got the Puerto Rican a better contract with Minnesota than the one he had in New York. If we take out the calculator, it’s not even that false, Correa will earn $42.5 million more in the first six years than what the Mets offered.

“I think this is a better deal for him because of the contract structure,” Boras said. “The probability of playing 12 years [sin lesiones] it was not planned. It wasn’t a favorable deal unless you had strong guarantee language. This contract is better because of probability. There is much more present value”.

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