Scottish barista goes viral when flirting with “cute customer” and making discovery about the boy: “Real-life romantic comedy”; watch

Love Cafe! A passionate barista used her latte art skills to flirt with a cute customer, and was surprised by the guy’s reaction. The story ended up going viral on TikTok, due to the thousands of followers eager to find out the outcome of the story.

Sophie Hosking, 23, works at the Grams cafe in Edinburgh, Scotland, and decided to share the story with followers on the video platform, in an attempt to discover the identity of the flirt. She revealed that the customer encounters had been going on for a long time, as he became a regular at the coffee shop and the girl’s interest only grew with each interaction. “Does anyone know this guy? He always comes to my work and I think he’s so cute.” she wrote in the video.

Determined to go from zero to zero, Sophie made her intentions clear during one of the man’s visits. As he worked at one of the tables, she made him a decaf latte and wrote a romantic message with the foam. “You’re cute”said the drawing, which was finished with a small heart.

In the video, you can see how nervous Hosking was when she took the request to the boy. She stated that her hands were shaking and, further, that she was relieved to see that the customer took a picture of the drink. Tiktok ended Sophie’s promise of an update in case something happened between the two. OMG!

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The story’s lack of resolution left the barista’s followers in an uproar. “Trusting the algorithm to bring me back”, pointed a follower. “I would just think that coffee does it for everyone,” pointed out a second, about the cute message. “Girl, you just made his year, if not his life. This is so beautiful” commented a third.

The update, fortunately, did not take long to come. In a second clip, the barista revealed that she got the guy’s number. In a twist worthy of cinema and beyond romantic, the boy – who has not been named – confessed that he had taken pictures of all the decorated drinks that Sophie prepared for him. “Turns out he took pictures of all the coffees I made for him over the months,” wrote the blonde, before showing off the various clicks that the flirt took.

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Later, Hosking told eager fans that the two had been talking since the day she flirted with him at the cafe. “We are texting, everything is going well, we are still texting. The only thing is that he went on vacation today with his family and I’m going on vacation with all my friends tomorrow, so by the time we both get back to Edinburgh, two weeks will have passed.” said the young woman.

The small mishap, however, didn’t stop the boy from asking her out. “When we both got back from our respective vacations, he told me he’d like to take me on a date. So yes, that’s it.” said Sophie. “I’m loving texting him, and he’s so cute, so I’m excited to see what happens in two weeks.” concluded.

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Her videos about romance on the rise have amassed over 30 million views on TikTok @yungoatmilk. The story went so far that even Cirque du Soleil took an interest. “We are so invested that we would do a show about this story,” stated the profile of the theater company. Other fans of the pseudo-couple compared the affair to a movie. “Not all of us have a front row seat to a real-life romantic comedy, thanks for keeping us updated.” wrote a tiktoker. Will it come? We look forward to finding out the outcome!

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