Sean Preston, Britney Spears’ eldest son, turns 18: complicated relationship with his mother

Britney Spears has been in the news almost daily since divorcing the actor and model last August. Sam Ashgari, The international press has closely followed the artist’s every move: which parties he has attended and the possible names of his next horse. However, the member of Spears who is in the spotlight today is her eldest son, sean preston federline spearsWho has reached the age of adulthood.

Preston is the singer’s first child, the result of her relationship with dancer Kevin Federline, author of toxic She got married to her high school friend in 2004. jason alexanderWho got married unexpectedly in Las Vegas. After 55 hours of marriage, and without signing any prenuptial agreement, they divorced; Which resulted in a juicy investigation. Spears married Federline a few months after this moment. In 2005, Shawn Preston was born, Britney’s “first love.” A year later, their youngest son, Jayden, is now 16.

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Sean Preston Federline Spears has appeared in the press on several occasions due to his mother’s controversies. Even as a child. It was back in 2007 when his mother starred on the iconic cover with a shaved head. An action that resulted from his mental turmoil. This is primarily the result of her divorce with the father of her children, continued drug abuse, and harassment from the press. This was also the year she entered a psychiatric facility and lost custody of the children to her ex-husband; A fight that still continues. From then until 2021, Spears, under the legal guardianship of her father, jamie spearsHe never saw his children again.

Both Shawn Preston and his brother Jaden have since lived with their father, their stepmother, a volleyball player Victoria PrinceAnd his half brothers: Jordan (12 years) and Peyton (year 9). Like the older children of the dancer, blank (21 years) and Caleb (19 years old), born from his relationship with actress shar jackson, In early September last year, he confessed in an exclusive conversation with the Daily Mail that he wanted to move to Hawaii with his father, talked about his relationship with Spears and how bad he got along with his grandfather. It was made like this. Treated the artist…

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