Season 4 Finale Explained

What a comeback of this one fourth season (compared to the third). After the first batch of seven episodes, the Duffer brothers left the final shot in two full-length chapters that leave the plot on track for the final firework that we will see in the fifth (and final) installment of ‘Stranger Things’.

[Cuidado, SPOILERS, no sigas leyendo si todavía no los has visto] A first episode (‘Potato’), 85 minutes, with an eye on Eleven and her unhealthy relationship with her father/evil doctor, and a second installment (150 minutes no less), called simply ‘The plan’because it is this strategy that most interests the viewer, knowing what will the boys do to stop Vecna ​​from destroying Hawkins and with it the rest of the planet.

Obviously, we know that Vecna ​​will continue to somehow do their thing because there is still a full season left, but, What happened to all these disintegrated characters at the end of the seventh episode, how would they manage to meet again?

Russian prison break

This ambitious ending required closing three stories in parallel. Hopper’s escape from Russian prisonperhaps, is the least intriguing of all. Murray and Joyce they became “the new Starsky and Hutch” and came to the aid of the now beefy sheriff, something that Joyce welcomes after eight months without seeing him.

It’s exciting at last! see Hopper and Joyce kiss (although they are interrupted, something typical of a good thriller with a comic touch), imagining what it would be like to drink a Chianti together (very Hannibal) and finally feel safe.

However, surprise! to help Eleven they must go back into prison to kill the Demogorgon. Crazy. Since they can’t get back to Hawkins in time and knowing that Evil is connected to the collective mind, Hopper agrees to be the bait. If they attract one, they will attract all. These characters taken from the ‘Twelve of the gallows’as Murray jokes, they will achieve their purpose after putting their skins on the line.

The escape from the laboratory

Meanwhile, Eleven also manages to put land in between after being reanimated and leaving the capsule. Her father / her evil doctor already smelled that Henry (now Vecna) had something to do with it and it would soon open the door between the two worlds. Eleven discovers that she helped create the monster. While this man is still obsessed with his own, the military look for Eleven with the intention of ending her.

As in any action movie that is provided with the army involved, these shoot to give. They succeed with the scientist, who ends up mortally wounded (we assume), while Eleven gets rid of it because they arrive Mike, Will, Jonathan and Argyle in his van. This irruption serves as a distraction so that Eleven can demonstrate his strength and manage to crash the military helicopter in a great explosion where a great flare is not lacking.

The reunion between Eleven, Mike and Will it’s very emotional. In one last scene, Eleven says goodbye to his father / his evil doctor (and the song by Los Ronaldos almost echoes in my head): “Goodbye dad.” So getting back to Hawkins that night is a priority.though like Hopper in Russia, they don’t have enough time to pull it off.

Solution? A pizzeria! There they put Eleven in salted water, as if it were the capsule, to help Eleven connect her psychic powers. As they joke around with the Surfer Boy Pizza and the pineapple, Eleven enters the vision of Max. Telling her friend: “I connected to you from a pizzeria” takes away any solemnity she might have. ‘Stranger Things’ at the end of the day is pure fun.

The return to the Upside Down World

There are several sequences with a black background and a floor full of water that refer to ‘Under the Skin‘, the movie in which Scarlett Johansson plays an evil alien. Now we have Evil personified in Vecna ​​(which we already know is Henry and also Uno) showing Nancy what will happen in Hawkins. A black cloud over the town. A giant creature surrounded by an army of monsters. World’s End.

Nancy would serve as a messenger for Eleven to be aware of, which is what Vecna ​​is looking for: lure Eleven to finish her off. Like Hopper in jail, the group decides to return to the Upside Down World. also like Hopper and Joycethere is another couple that advances a little more in their relationship. Steve He acknowledges to Nancy that he has always been there (but they also cut the roll, they will have to take it up again, of course).

Eddie, who they falsely believe is the author of the murders, stars in a moment when he plays a guitar solo (Metallica’s ‘Master of Puppets’ –1986–), to attract the vampires. Eddie stops Dustin from risking his life, but ends up sacrificing himself..

Meanwhile, we live an immersive experience with Max (helped by Lucas and Erica). Like Hopper, Max is the bait for Vecna (eliminating the music of Kate Bush, her Achilles heel). Before, it also has her moment with lucas (long live love). Finally, the most awaited moment occurs: the face to face between Vecna ​​and Eleven.

It is discovered that Vecna ​​has been the one who has caused everything From the beginning. Eleven (who is still in the water) returns from the other side because Mike at last! he tells her that he loves her.

The Return to Hawkins

Everything rushes and the plots run in parallel, coming together in an epic ending. Hopper kills the monster. Vecna ​​is apparently eliminated with fire. Although the story does not have a happy ending. Not only does Eddie fall in combat, Max slips into a coma before losing his vision.. A major earthquake then occurs in Hawkins.

Two days later there is talk of an unprecedented natural disaster. All the characters meet in the village. Lucas reads to Max in the hospital the book ‘El talismán’ (1984), by Stephen King. Max is still in a coma. They all take refuge in a cabin in the woods.

Will senses that Vecna ​​will return, who never intends to stop until everything is finished. And she gets the hairs on the back of her neck. In these two episodes we have had a bit of everything: terror, action, suspense, Will crying more than necessary, some painful death and much, much love.

The season kill Vecna’s premonition, the images that Nancy saw. The earth has opened up under her feet, between embers. Ash falls from the sky. Flowers wither in Hawkins. The protagonists, from behind, They see the city burn without being able to do anything. For the moment, of course.

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