Sebastián Córdova gets into controversy with a message to Bruno Valdez

Friday, January 6, 2023

One of the great joys that the fans of the America club in this transfer period was the departure of Bruno Valdeza Paraguayan defender who, despite having six more months on his contract, sought accommodation in combination with the facilities of the board so that he left in the best way to Coapabecause although it has received a lot of criticism from the fans Cream blue Due to his performance, he continues to be one of the historical ones, standing out as the defender with the most scores in the institution. Nevertheless, sebastian cordova got involved in the farewell Valdez.

Recently, the commentator of TUDN, Andres Vacashared on his account Twitter that he agreed with the farewell Brunobut questioned that the directive of the America It took him so long to realize that he had to let the Paraguayan go, given this, Valdez He replied that on television they should also realize that he himself Cow It left a lot to be desired. Given this and unexpectedly, Cordova He sent a message of success and luck to the defender.

The reaction of the fans of Club América

Obviously the followers bluecreams They were awaiting the possible discussion that would start between Bruno and Andresbut the comment of Sebastian It was very striking and caused attention to be focused on him, to such an extent that they responded in a bad way, pointing out that since he went to tigers, disappeared, in addition to remaining a cold chest that does not stand out in the most decisive moments of his club. In this way, the fans retaliated for their desire to fight with Cordova.

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