Second advance on taxes, due on November 30, 2021 for VAT numbers and employees

Deadline November 30, 2021 for the second advance on income taxes, from IRPEF to the dry coupon. Called to the cashier are employees, pensioners and holders of VAT numbers, on the same day in which the installments of the fiscal peace also expire.

VAT numbers, workers employees and retirees: the November 30, 2021 and the expiration for the payment of second advance on income tax.

There deadline of November 30, 2021 it is one of the heaviest of the period. To the payment of the second or single deposit of income taxes, fromIRPEF at the dry coupon on rents, is also accompanied by the maxi appointment with the installments of the fiscal peace relating to 2020 and 2021 and, by way of example, the tax of stamp duty on electronic invoices.

The same deadline coincides with the deadline for sending the electronic mail tax return 2021.

A series of deadlines that overlap and which complicate the closing of the year for VAT numbers and employees.

Second advance on taxes, due on November 30, 2021 for VAT numbers and employees

After the June appointment with the balance and the first deposit, extended to 15 September for VAT number holders, the November 30, 2021 the deadline for the payment of the second or single advance of income tax.

Called at the cashier are both holders of VAT number that the employees ei retirees. The payment methods have changed: while businesses and self-employed people use the model F24, for workers and pensioners, it is the withholding agent who withholds the amount due in paycheck.

In both cases there is no possibility of payment in installments: the second advance payment of IRPEF, IRES and IRAP as well as substitute taxes (flat rate tax and flat rate tax) are paid in a single solution.

In general, the payment of advance payments, equal to 100 per cent, is due if the tax declared in the year exceeds 51.65 euros and is paid in one or two installments:

  • in a’single solution by 30 November 2021, if the amount due is less than € 257.52 (€ 103 for IRES);
  • in two installments if the amount exceeds 257.52 euros, the first in June (unless extended) and the second in November.

These are the general rules to keep in mind in view of the deadline of November 30, 2021, the deadline for paying the single deposit or second installment due.

VAT numbers, employees and retirees: how the second 2021 tax advance is calculated

The appointment of 30 November 2021 involves the need to review the calculations already made in June regarding theamount of advances due, which can be determined using two different methods:

  • with the historical method the payment is made on the basis of the amount of tax due in the previous year. Consequently, in the case of constant or increasing income over time, the payment of the advances using the historical method allows the taxpayer not to have to pay tax on the balance. The historical method is particularly cheap in the event that the taxpayer considered has constant or increasing income compared to the previous year; it can become inconvenient when such incomes turn out to be decreasing;
  • with forecasting method the calculation of the first and second advance payments is made based on the income that is expected to be achieved in the current year. The advantage consists in the possibility of paying the amount actually owed in the event of a final income lower than that of the previous year. The main disadvantage consists in the fact that, in the event of a payment lower than the amount actually due, the application of the sanction for insufficient payment (equal to 30 percent of the higher tax due) is envisaged.

The forecasting method is the way to go when it is certain that the tax due in the year will be lower than that which emerged from the 2021 tax return, the starting point for calculating the advances.

It should be noted that employees were required to communicate by the deadline of 10 October 2021 the reduction or cancellation of the second down payment of the IRPEF or the dry coupon that emerged from the liquidation prospectus of the 730/2021 model.

Not just a second down payment: deadline November 30, 2021 also for fiscal peace

There is not only the appointment with the second deposit on the calendar.

It is fixed at November 30, 2021 also the expiry of the installments relating to the scrapping ter and the balance and excerpt, both for 2020 and for the current year. Also keep in mind the deadline for paying the tax stamp duty on electronic invoices.

The remodeling of the calendar relating to the fiscal peace provided for by law decree n. 146/2021 led to the overlapping of several obligations. To the new postponements seem difficult at the moment, although several amendments have been tabled for the extension or redefinition of the payment plan.

Pending possible developments, please note that the five-day grace period postpones the expiry of the fiscal peace from November 30 to December 6, 2021, allowing more time for payment.

After that date, theomitted or insufficient payment involves the forfeiture with a facilitated definition and the debt will be due in full and without the possibility of accessing new installments.

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