Second-hand clothes: how to properly disinfect them

The clothes prelovedwave second-hand clothes It was generally worn by another person (although of course, this is not always the case since there are many new clothes that come from sales or bales). We are sure that most people care for and wash their clothes properly, however, on certain occasions second-hand or vintage clothes can have too much dust, stains or even moths due to the time they have been stored.

To remove any doubts, we recommend that when you want to wear your second-hand clothes for the first time or bale clothesthe disinfect using boiling water that you should have previously heated on the stove. This simple action will kill any bacteria, viruses or even insects and can also help you remove stains easily.

Remember that using hot water in the washing machine is not recommended, but there are other alternatives such as heating the water on the stove and once the garment is disinfected, use the water for bathing or for your gardening.

Likewise, there are specialized disinfectants on the market, but we recommend you go for the natural option, such as the use of vinegar, lemon or baking soda to clean your bale clothes. These actions, in addition to being friendly to the planet, will not damage your clothes and are also very cheap. In any case, we recommend that you try all these products on a non-visible part of your garment so that you can check whether it is applicable or not.

It is important that your second-hand clothes, bale clothes or your Vintage clothing be washed separately before you wear it. This is to prevent bacteria, dust or other elements from outside the garment from falling on your clothes and thus damaging your entire wardrobe. Thus, once clean you can store it with the rest of your clothes without any inconvenience.

Don’t forget to keep your clean clothes It will prevent it from being mistreated and there are also certain garments that it is better to wash from time to time, since that way you can extend their life and pollute less.

Disinfect even if it is not second-hand clothes

It is very important that your clothes are very clean.

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Garment hygiene is essential to have an incredible, fresh and attractive look. That’s why we invite you not to limit yourself, your second-hand clothes are not the only ones that can be disinfected. The jeansFor example, by not washing as often or even jackets that are washed once or twice a season, they can be disinfected with a disinfectant solution spray and you will see that the results are immediate.

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