second or third grade in college

There is some unfair stigma attached to earning a 2:2 or third class degree in college. But as these successful celebrities demonstrate, that shouldn’t stop you from pursuing your dreams.

We’re not quite sure where this came from, but there’s a prevalent myth among students and graduates that anything less than a 2:1 or first degree in your degree is worthless.

But as we explained in our guide to what to do if you get 2:2, this myth is exactly that: a myth. Many of the best graduate programs have relaxed their admissions criteria in recent years, and you may be accepted without a 2:1 grade or better.

So to really clarify the issue, we thought we’d put together a list of some of the most successful graduates with 2:2 or less. If it didn’t stop them from heading for greatness, you shouldn’t even stop,

Here are some famous people who have a 2:2 or 3rd class degree:

  • JK Rowling

    JK Rowling

    We will start this list with JK Rowling. He is not just one of the most successful people with 2:2 ratio, but one of the most successful people in the world.

    You may know her best as the woman who gave the world Harry, Ron, Hermione, and the criminally underrated Gilderoy Lockhart. but before that she wrote the best selling book series of all time and she became world’s first billionaire authorRowling was an ordinary student at the University of Exeter.

    It was here that he studied French and the classics. This is the subject in which he eventually earned a 2:2 grade in 1986. Little did he know at the time that the handful of copies of his first published book, Harry Potter and the Philosopher’s StoneThat would be a lot of money.

  • Bear Grylls

    bear Grills

    Bear Grylls’ real name isn’t actually ‘Bear’, it’s Edward Michael Grylls. Incredibly, given his modern love of nature, ‘Bear’ was actually a nickname given to him by his older sister when he was just a week old. Very cute, really.

    You will not be surprised to know that, like Puppy As a child, Baer began rock climbing and sailing and excelled in both. And not satisfied with dominion over land and sea, Bear learned to skydiving as a teenagerHe also earned his second dan black belt before the age of 20.

    What we’re trying to say is this: Bear Grylls scored 2:2 in the University of London’s Birkbeck Hispanic Studies. But it was his personality that made him reach where he is today. In fact, when talking about how her degree affected her job prospects, she said, “(What helped me) was understanding that hard work, persistence, and enthusiasm are king. ” Sermon.

  • Carol Vorderman

    Carol Vorderman

    In case anyone ever tries to tell you that getting 2:2 or less is somewhat depressing, it’s fair to point out that for 26 years, Carole Vorderman’s job was basically ‘getting smart on TV’. And, far from being first in college, Vorderman was ranked third.

    It is true that he obtained a third class degree in engineering. He studied at none other than the University of Cambridge, a university that is consistently recognized as one of the best in Britain. Even so, it can’t be denied that some people will let a third party bring them down.

    However, a year after leaving university, Vorderman got a job as a resident maths and whole brain specialist Countdown, He remained in this position for almost three decades before leaving the post in 2008. Not bad, is it?

  • Mel Giedroyc

    Mel Giedroyc

    Mel Giedroyc, perhaps better known as ‘Mel from Mel and Sue’, met Sue Perkins (‘Sue from Mel and Sue’) while studying at Cambridge University.

    It appears that the internet is a bit divided on what course Mel took as a student. Some say it was Italian language and literature, but we have seen on the Cambridge website that it was French and Italian. he graduated with a 2:2Which means we had no choice but to present it here.

    Arguably, Mel’s rise to stardom is the best example on this list of hard work and perseverance that matter more than grade rankings. Despite some early success on television, it was not until he found success to bake concert in 2010 (almost 15 years after her TV debut) that she arguably really “did it.” So whatever you want to do, stick with it.

  • David Dimbleby

    David Dimbleby

    Seems like there is some emerging trend here. In addition to being 2:2 or less, all of these celebrities can justifiably be described as smart, eloquent, and successful. It’s almost as if employers are more concerned with your skills than just how well you did in college…

    For the past 40 years, David Dimbleby has basically been the face of the BBC’s political coverage.

    In addition to hosting major political debate shows, time to askFor 24 years, anchored coverage of the Beeb all general elections From 1979 to 2019 (when Hugh Edwards succeeded him). This, as anyone who’s tried to stay awake and watch either of them will know, is no small feat.

    And where did it all start? with third class grade in Philosophy, Politics and Economics from the University of Oxford.

  • hugh laurie

    hugh laurie

    Hugh Laurie (or Hugh Laurie CBE, give him his full title) is one of the biggest names in British comedy, British television, British cinema… well, one of the biggest names in Britain.

    Laurie first rose to fame as one half of Fry and Laurie, the comedy double act he formed with his close friend Stephen Fry. The two met while studying at Cambridge University, where Laurie completed her studies. graduate with third in archeology and anthropology.

    Lawrie’s key role proved once again that getting first place or 2:1 is not the only way to success. Home This made him one of the highest paid actors on television (at no less than £250,000 per episode). in 2011, Guinness Book of World Records He was rated as the most watched leading man on television.

    Although this is clearly impressive, the highlight of his career was undoubtedly playing the father Stuart Little, A little hi, a little bass. Little hello, little ho.

  • prince carlos

    prince carlos

    Maybe we’re being a little cheeky about it. After all, Prince Charles didn’t get to where he is today because of his title. But if someone tries to tell you that 2:2 isn’t something to be proud of, it would be a big blow to be able to say the same degree as the future king of the United Kingdom,

    Charles graduated from the University of Cambridge in 1970 with a 2:2 in History, Archeology and Anthropology. In fact, he became the first king or heir to the throne to complete a university degree. Again, it’s not entirely relevant to where he ended up in life, but it’s an impressive feat nonetheless.

    We won’t go into details about the life and times of Prince Charles because, let’s be honest, it’s a little confusing. Instead, we’ll just reiterate the fact that if 2:2 is good enough for the heir to the queen, it’s good enough for anyone.

  • which while

    which while

    by Joe Wylie 2:2 degree A degree in Applied Languages ​​from the University of Brighton (formerly Brighton Polytechnic) certainly didn’t stop her. His television and radio career was very successful.

    However, after earning his degree, he did not immediately turn his attention to a career in radio. there was one chat with a teacher that got him a job on a radio show turn up the volume,

    This is where she found her passion and started hosting which while show on BBC Radio 1. After leaving this he started his own weekend late night show on Radio 2.

  • a lot of big names who dropped out of college

    oprah winfrey lady gaga

    If you still don’t think that a 2:2 or 3rd isn’t a burden for success, try to remember that there are probably more examples of mega-successful people out there who skipped college altogether.

    Whether it’s Mark Zuckerberg, Ellie Goulding, Ellen DeGeneres, Jon Snow (newsreader, no) game of Thrones character), Bill Gates, Oprah Winfrey, Brad Pitt or Lady Gaga, you can’t avoid celebrity defections.

    So while, on average, going to college will still make you more money (no matter what grades you get), some of the richest and most successful people on Earth have ever skipped college, and done well.

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