Secret weapon of ‘Pirates of the Caribbean’ to succeed without Johnny Depp: A “very rare” story from ‘The Last of Us’ creator – movie news

Although Margot Robbie’s idea did not materialize, Craig Mazin’s proposal began to take shape before the writers’ and actors’ strike.

The future of one of the great film sagas of recent years is beginning to become clear. Pirates of the Caribbean It will return to the big screen at some point with a sixth installment, but the franchise will have to take a different route. everything points to disney Johnny Depp is no more to give life to Captain Jack Sparrow In pirates of the caribbean 6, as stated in his defamation suit against his ex-wife Amber Heard. The interpreter confirmed that he felt betrayed by the company and would not return even for “$300 million”. Therefore, you have to find a new way to move forward without your star.

Actress and producer Margot Robbie proposed for a film by Disney Pirates of the Caribbean led by women. “I guess they don’t want to do that”the hero said barbie about the project. Although producer Jerry Bruckheimer said that “that script will come out at some point,” the truth is that it looks like the company has opted for another story. Disney has a secret weapon to continue the saga without Depp A “very rare” story created by the ‘showrunner’ of last of us,

Craig Mazin, who also handled Chernobyldisclosed in LA Times who along with saga screenwriter Ted Elliott proposed an idea to Disney and they liked it. “We pitched it and thought there was no way they could buy it. It’s so rare. But they did!”Maizin says. “Then he wrote a great script and the strike started and everybody’s waiting”,

Johnny Depp completely rules out ‘Pirates of the Caribbean 6’: Not for “$300 million”

Bruckheimer has already announced in 2022 that he is developing a script to continue the franchise in one way or another. At the time, the producer confirmed that more than one script was in the works. Also, given the ruling in Depp’s favor in the defamation lawsuit against Heard, he may return as Jack Sparrow. However, the interpreter has already publicly denied a return to the saga.

On the other hand, the actor lost the defamation suit in 2020 Sun for calling him a “wife beater”. The verdict established that it was “largely correct” to refer to Depp as such.


Pirates of the Caribbean began in 2003 with the premiere of The Curse of the Black Pearl, starring Depp, Keira Knightley and Orlando Bloom. The film was a success and its sequel hit the theaters in 2006. dead man’s Chest, The end of the original trilogy was released in 2007 and was titled at the end of the world, And, since all three installments were blockbusters, Disney wanted to continue the franchise without Bloom and Knightley.

It hit the theaters in 2011 in the dark tidewith Penelope Cruz as a new signing, and in 2017 salazar’s revenge, with Javier Bardem as the villain. Now, after all that happened, it remains to be seen how Mickey Mouse House revives the saga.

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