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Miley Cyrus He released his new single “Flowers” ​​last week, which marks the first preview of his upcoming studio album Endless Summer Vacationscheduled for March 10.

With music adding up to 11 million streams on Spotify at this second fair (16), Miley conquered the first time at the top of the daily stop on Spotify Global (via Chart Data).

Since its release, both the unpublished song and the clip that accompanies it are giving something to talk about on social networks.

This is because, according to the singer’s fantasies, the music — which represents a letter of empowerment — and the clip — which shows Miley super self-confident — are full of indirections directed at her former relationship with Liam Hemsworth.

Cyrus has had a relationship of quase years with the actor, which he met in 2008 during the recordings of the film To Latest Musicand was married to him from December 2018 to August 2019.

To help clarify the references used by Miley, an Internet user shared it on Twitter with a thread with some details about “Flowers” ​​that may have gone unnoticed by some people. See with people to understand everything!

Miley Cyrus, “Flowers” and hints for Liam Hemsworth

Even though there is no explicit reference to her ex-husband, Miley Cyrus released her new single on the last sixth fair (13), the same date of Liam Hemsworth’s anniversary.

At the beginning of the “Flowers” ​​clip, the singer appears wearing a gold Saint Laurent dress from 1992, the same year she was born and, as she appears walking, Miley says:

We were good / we were gold

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Isso is probably very pleased with the fact that Saint Laurent was one of the brands used frequently by Miley and Liam in their last years together. Even the last public appearance of two artists like Casal was in a parade of the famous brand in Malibu.

Miley cites residence that hit fire

Even though I haven’t started the music, Miley recalls the episode in which a forest fire that occurred in California, in 2018, destroyed the residence that she and Liam Tinham had in Malibu.

At the time, Miley declared in an interview that the event was so traumatic that she “clung to the only thing that remained inside the house: Liam.” Na faixa, Cyrus uses the fact to make a metaphor of his own relationship:

We were right ’til we weren’t / Built a home and watched it burn

Response to “When I Was Your Man”, by Bruno Mars

Since “Flowers” ​​was released, many fans of Miley Cyrus point to the similarities between her new single and the hit “When I Was Your Man”, by Bruno Mars.

Although the singer has used a sample very similar to that of Mars’ music, her refrain would work as a kind of response to what the musician says in his faixa.

Compare the images below and see the sequence of references in the video below:

  • Bruno: That I should have bought you flowers / Miley: I can buy myself flowers (I can buy flowers for myself)
  • Bruno: And held your hand (E segurado sua mão) / Miley: And I can hold my own hand (E eu posso segugar minha própria mão)
  • Bruno: Should have given you all my hours (I should have given all the minhas hours) / Miley: Talk to myself for hours
  • Bruno: Take you to every party ’cause all you wanted to do was dance Miley: I can take myself dancing (Eu posso me levar para dançar)

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Fans of Miley still suggest that Liam decided to dedicate this music to the singer at some point in their relationship, but there has been no confirmation on this.

Still, there is a video of Miley and Liam’s wedding in which the wedding hears “Uptown Funk”, by Bruno Mars himself, at the ceremony’s own night, as you can see below.

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Dance previously played by Liam

While wearing the aforementioned gold dress, Miley seems to be doing the same dance move she did on a red carpet in 2019, when she was next to Liam.

In the video released, the artist appears making a jumper and bouncing while she and her ex-husband are being interviewed. Peel the image, it is visible that Hemsworth did not cut Miley’s movement and even got away from the singer.

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In another thread, some people suggest that the black blazer that Miley Cyrus wears at the end of the “Flowers” ​​clip is the same one that Liam wore in the controversial interview.

Aliás, in one of the dinners, the singer appears wearing a blazer dancing in a rather relaxed way around her house, recalling the dinner of the film coringa in what or character of joaquin phoenix go down a ladder.

Clip shows the evolution of Miley Cyrus

Finally, it is worth noting that Miley’s evolution over two years has also been perceived through some dinners with her clips of “We Can’t Stop”, “Slide Away” and “Flowers”.

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The first (“We Can’t Stop”) was recorded in 2013, when Miley broke up with Liam for the first time; “Slide Walk” was the first video of the singer after the divorce of 2019 and, in “Flowers”, they theorize that the artist wanted to show that “he managed to get out of the situation that led to the drowning [na piscina que aparece nos clipes], work the mind, the body and now enjoy dancing sozinha”. For them, Miley “floresceu”.

Confirm to thread that inspired this matter below!


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