See which are the two members of “Grey’s Anatomy” who are doctors in real life

If something owns ‘Grey’s Anatomy’ It is a lot of reality within what is its essence or development of each of the episodes in which more and more shocking cases are shown. And it is that To the surprise of the audience, it was recently revealed that two members of the task force are doctors in real life.

With this not only this drama is given more credence, but also allows the audience to be clear that several of the moments that are created to generate impact are given by the knowledge of two of its executive producers who are recognized personalities in the medical field, because they are graduates in that profession and they are the ones who give ideas of what can be done or how the actors should react to each scene.

In this way they have gained all the recognition of the public who has been able to realize that this plot knows how to handle concepts, terms and other circumstances about each case that occurs in the emergency room where everyone is always attentive to attend from the more traditional accidents, to the chaos generated by the start of the Covid-19 pandemic. All this has been very well reflected in this medical drama that is backed by the ingenuity of Shonda Rhimes and the two producers who make every scene feel very real.

They are Zoanne Clack and Dr. Fred Einesman. Both are capable of supporting each moment based on their knowledge and what they learned at the university, which is why this series is increasingly solid in its arguments and in the action plans they take in each case.

Two members of ‘Grey’s Anatomy’ are doctors in real life

But beyond that, in ‘Grey’s Anatomy’ There is another figure that handles medical reality very well, since months ago it was known that actress Kathy C. An who plays BokHee is a nurse in real life, Therefore, their presence in the operating room is vital, especially when handling the instruments, as well as to make correct use of each movement or language that must exist in this place where so many tensions are created when attending to patients. patients admitted to it.

An is a scrub nurse who stays active at Los Angeles Hospital and he is the one who participates even in open heart operations.

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