SEGA says NFTs are the future of video games

Or radically in favor, or radically against. With the NFT’sThere seems to be no middle ground. During the last months, practically all the important companies in the video game industry have spoken about this new technology. Electronic Arts and Ubisoft, to give an example, are in favor of implementing it. Other companies like Team 17 were in favor, but have had to cancel projects due to pressure from investors. Nintendo is one of the few that has totally opposed the idea. And, we already know that “SEGA does what Nintendon’t”, so it was to be expected that Sonic would make the exact opposite decision of the Big N.

WillyRex scores another goal: SEGA is in favor of NFTs

Sonic from SEGA.

SEGA does not want to miss the opportunity that opens with the implementation of NFTs in video games. Many experts consider that there is not a single advantage in including this technology in the entertainment industry, and others directly point out that all we are seeing is a huge bubble and a great scam that will end up exploding sooner or later.

Still, SEGA seems to be clear on how to use them. The whole story goes back to an interview a month ago with various executives and producers of the Japanese company. The interview was published on the SEGA website, but went unnoticed by Western media. This week the middle VGC translated the material. Thanks to this work, we have been able to know that SEGA has the ‘Super Game‘, a project that was already mentioned last year.

According to Shuji Utsumi, executive vice president of SEGA, the ‘Super Game’ is a kind of framework in which various releases of the company will be developed. will be AAA titles that They will come out in the next five years. The games will be independent of each other, but they will escape from the traditional vision that we know to date. Utsumi does not give too many details about how these new video games will be designed, but he does emphasize that the way of playing has changed with the arrival of social networks, cloud gaming and streaming content on networks such as Twitch.

SEGA wants to circumvent the traditional vision of the video game

Everything indicates that these new video games will be designed to be played collaboratively and using new tools within the video game industry. In the interview itself, Masayoshi Kikuchi, producer of SEGA, drops that they could also include NFTs in this new ecosystem, allowing the titles to be connected to each other. However, the idea is not developed in the interview, so we will have to wait to see how they plan to implement NFTs in their own video games.

Still, SEGA’s vision with NFTs doesn’t look too different from the competition. SEGA is not the first company to think of using NFTs to carry assets or characters from one video game to another. Still, it’s still too early to draw any conclusions. Hopefully SEGA is able to take advantage of NFT technology in a creative, useful way and without falling into speculation and fraud. It would be a great way to return to the major leagues showing that you can stand out in the video game industry with a different strategy than others.

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