Selectivity 2022 | Medicine, Biochemistry and Nursing, the courses with the highest cut-off mark at the UIB

Science careers remain unbeatable as the degrees with the highest cut-off marks. Medicine, Biochemistry and Nursing, in this order, are positioned as the most requested at the University of the Balearic Islands (UIB).

The cut-off grade determines who will be able to enter one grade or another. It is the qualification of the PBAU tests (former Selectivity) obtained by the last student who has managed to enter a career. Specifically, and taking into account that Selectivity is evaluated on 14 points, the last aspiring doctor has agreed to the race with 13,192; the highest cut-off grade of the entire Balearic university. It is followed by Biochemistry, with 12,243, and Nursing, with 12,138.

It can be verified in the first list of admitted that the UIB published yesterday. However, it should be remembered that neither this nor the successive ones will be the definitive ones, since during the remainder of July and all of September more lists will come out that will modify the cut-off notes downwards to access studies.

For each published list, new enrollment periods will be opened for accepted students. Thus, those who have remained on the waiting list in the first instancethey will be able to enter the following lists of admitted students in order from best to worst grade. This happens because, usually, some of the admitted students do not end up completing the registration. For example, for having obtained a place in another university that interests them more. The places that are released are filled with the following students on the list.

For example, in Medicine there are 2,185 students waiting, while in Biochemistry there are 446 and another 1,537 in Nursing. As these three lead the ranking of the most requested in relation to the number of places (in Medicine there are 60 places for more than 2,000 students), they have the highest cut-off marks. In fact, the first positions in this same ranking are dominated by science and technology careers: Dentistry (11,938), Physics (11,836), the Double Degree in Mathematics and Telematics (11,316) or Biology (10,978) They are also among the most requested. The double degree in Business Administration and Law is the only stranger in the top positions.

At the other end, A large part of the degrees with the minimum cut-off mark are from Humanities or Social Sciences. For example, to enter the degrees of History, History of Art, Philosophy, Geography, Catalan Language and Literature or Spanish Language and Literature, it is enough to obtain a five in the PBAU tests. None of them have students on the waiting list.

The only philology with a cut-off mark is English, which has positioned itself with 7,814 on the first list and 86 students on hold. The second most requested degree in the Faculty of Philosophy and Letters is Social Work, with 7,224 and a total of 156 students who have been left at the gates to enter.

On the other hand, this first list draws attention to the number of grades that have increased their cut-off grade compared to last year. Nearly 30 degrees require higher grades, while those that lower the level of demand are less than 20. Of this last group, it is precisely the degree in Spanish Language and Literature, which has gone from 9,704 in the first cut-off mark in 2021 to five on the same list this year.

Only eight grades maintain the exact same grade as the previous year, all with a five. And another four careers will be taught this course for the first time: the three double degrees of Infant and Primary Education which will be taught in Mallorca (with a cut-off mark of 10.162 points), Eivissa (7.032) and Menorca (7.25), and Fine arts at the Adema university school, which has been left with 8,744 points in this first list.

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