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If there is someone in this world who can make something fashionable, they are, without a doubt, Selena Gomez and Cara Delevingne. The actress and the model have been two of the most beloved and acclaimed people in Hollywood for years. In addition, in social networks they add millions of followers and followers. Of course, for years they have had a much healthier relationship with them, avoiding publishing everything that happens on a daily basis and using them almost always for work reasons.

But this weekend they couldn’t help but laugh at the new challenge they came up with for TikTok. A feat that very few people are capable of doing. Selena and Cara have been recorded with the front camera of the mobile trying to tie a knot with the stem of a cherry. Of course, they can only use their tongue. The reason? They have to remove the bow already made from the mouth.

In the images we see the two artists having fun with this new challenge. Of course, only one of them manages to overcome it. And who is she? Nothing more and nothing less than Cara. The model manages to make a perfect bow with the stem of the cherry. For her part, Selena pulls out the mime stick without any form. Both begin to laugh as soon as they see the final result.

“We are going to start a trend because… why not? Try to make a knot with a cherry stick, ”Selena Gomez wrote on her TikTok account.

Of course, the post has been filled with messages. Most of them talking about Cara’s incredible ability to get that knot so fast: “Wow Cara, that skill”, “The power of the tongue” or “Practice makes perfect, that’s why Cara won”.

In addition, there are many and many who have been happy to see Selena with a friend from her past. Of course, they asked that Taylor also be with them at the meeting.

We will have to wait to see if this challenge catches on. What we have doubts is how many people will manage to do it.

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