Selena Gomez and the incident before publishing her latest song, ‘Single Soon’: “I don’t mind selling anything” – Music

Selena Gomez returns to the world of music in style with ‘single soon’, his latest single which he released last Friday. We first got the news about this song in a very strange way. The singer decided to give us a challenge with her sister as the protagonist to give us the first notes of the song. Now, with several days left, we continue to enjoy the return of one of the voices of musical diversity of the CADENA 100.

It was last Friday when Selena Gomez published the single ‘Soon’. This is his first single solo artist ‘Since’ in EnglishFriend‘ Of 2020, After the release of that song, Selena Presented the deluxe edition of his album’Rare‘In 2020 he received Her first Grammy nomination for her Latin pop EP ‘revelation’ And also participated as a guest in songs by camilo, Distasteful game And Line or thrown’my mind and i‘, a standalone single for his 2022 documentary of the same name.

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The singer took advantage of the launch of her new song pick up and answer the cell phone Everything that his fans told him or asked him. He also gave his opinion on another topic that is very hot in the contemporary music industry. The reality is that numbers seem to determine the measuring stick hit song, leaving behind other parameters such as the artist’s singing quality, composition or the way the songs were prepared. For this reason,It appears that rankings are considered the only way to look at the relevance of stars. Considering this, Selena Gomez is against it.

In one of those typical ‘posts’ in which Billboard’s status predicts that a song is about to happen, the ‘Love You Like a Love Song’ singer makes it clear that these feuds don’t mean anything to her. The message also reveals what we didn’t know about him until now: “I broke my hand and had to undergo surgery. I don’t mind selling anything. I’m happy making music with my friends.” Thanks to this, it’s clear to us that Selena Gomez will always prioritize her style and her happiness over getting a free number.

Who is your latest song addressed to?

The theme of ‘Single Soon’ is a clear indication of being single, With a very simple collaboration, some Twitter users created theories on the subject This was for The Weeknd. The two actors had a brief romance during 2017. To refute these rumours, Selena herself wanted to leave a message among the public so that the matter could be clarified. Thus, he replied to an Instagram post from Hollywood Life saying “It couldn’t be more false than this.”A blunt lesson to erase any hypothesis.

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