Selena Gomez and the problem that prevents her from becoming a mother

artist Selena Gomez He has made a great career actress and singerActing in shows ranging from “Barney” to “Only Murders in the Building” from a very young age, he has earned great recognition and affection from his fans.

Despite being involved in controversies regarding his relationship with the singer Justin Biber o Abel Makonnen, singer “weekend”, Selena has always stood out for her great talent and charisma. But in 2012, the famous singer was diagnosed with this disease. A type of treeThis is the reason why he had to stay away from various projects for some time.

Selena has faced a big battle against lupus

Currently, the actress who stars in “Wizards of Waverly Place” is 30 years old and in her biographical documentary titled “My Mind and Me”, released in 2022, she revealed that she dreamed of becoming a mother, although she probably Will not achieve it.

What is the problem that prevents Selena Gomez from becoming a mother?

Selena has had to deal with it since she was diagnosed with lupus anxiety and depression disorders Due to the treatment and how complex the disease has become to deal with, he was diagnosed with it in 2020 bipolar disorderThis is why he has to undergo treatments that have consequences for women, which is why the artist sees his dream as something quite distant.

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Although Selena knows it’s probably hard to wear pregnancy In the end, on her own, she has not given up on her dream, as she is grateful that modern medicine and treatments have now developed to the point where she and other women who wish to become mothers can achieve it despite the odds. Are. may arise.


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