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A few weeks ago Selena Gomez celebrated her 30th birthday with a huge party at her home in Los Angeles. The actress invited dozens of personalities to her celebration, among them, the singer Tyga.

Although it seemed that they were just friends, in the last few hours American entertainment media have been speculating that a romance could be born between the two.

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In the early hours of Wednesday, August 17, they were photographed leaving a popular West Hollywood restaurant. The celebrities left at the same time, through different doors.

Around 2:30 am, each one took their belongings and left the restaurant for ‘The Nice Guy’ club, one of the most famous in Los Angeles.

The rapper and his friends chose to take the front door, while Selena Gomez slipped through the back entrance of the place. However, photographers from ‘TMZ’ managed to find the two.

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Although the couple was not captured together, witnesses assured ‘TMZ’ that they shared while they were inside the site.

According to reports, Gómez arrived around midnight, when Tyga was already enjoying himself in the restaurant. Both would have been with their own group of friends but eventually they merged and enjoyed the night.

The sources consulted also assured that ‘The Nice Guy’ allowed the famous to stay longer than allowed. They even claimed that when Selena Gomez arrived they were no longer letting more people in, but they made an exception for the former Disney actress.

Is Selena Gomez in a relationship?

Rumors of a romance with Tyga come weeks after the actress was linked to filmmaker Andrea Lervolino. During her vacation in Italy, Selena was seen very close to the 34-year-old man.

The two were photographed on a yacht, in Italian waters, while enjoying some down time together. The images spread on social networks and gave rise to speculation of an alleged courtship.

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The American media ‘Us Weekly’ assured that they were just friends and that Selena is single. The actress would be dating and meeting a lot of people, but she wouldn’t want to commit to anyone at the moment.

“She is very happy and is perfectly fine with being single. She is surrounded by best friends who are her best support system,” a source told Us Weekly.

Gómez is at a great moment in his professional career with the successful series ‘Only Murders in the Building’, nominated for 17 Emmy Awards.

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