Selena Gomez apologizes after a controversial video laughing at Hailey, Justin Bieber’s wife

Hmany years have passed since Justin Bieber Y Selena Gomez They stopped being one of the fashionable couples in the music industry. However, the relationship between them, especially as a result of the singer’s marriage to Hailey, has not come back. A few days ago, the singer shared a controversial video on TikTok in which he seemed to imitate someone and users quickly detected that it was the wife of his ex and criticized Selena, who has been forced to apologize.

It was last Tuesday when Hailey Bieber uploaded a video to her profile on the well-known social network, in which she showed her beauty routine. Only five hours later, it was Selena Gómez who shared a very similar video, although in it you could see certain gestures and manners that fans interpreted as a mockery of Hailey.

The reaction of Justin Bieber fans

Selena’s post was filled with comments of all kinds and many reproached the artist for her attitude with a person who, for now, has not wanted to enter into any controversy regarding her husband’s ex. “You’re a loser who always gets away with harassing other women” or “The way he rolled his eyes when he did each step…”, are just some of the comments that could be read during the first hours.

After the numerous criticisms received, Selena Gómez wanted to apologize, although she did not mention Hailey Bieber: “For things like that I think we should take care of mental health. Guys, I have no idea what I did, but I’m sorry. I had no bad intentions, I will delete it soon“Despite these statements, the singer has not yet deleted the video, although she does has blocked comments received.

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