Selena Gomez appears without makeup on social networks and her fans fall in love

You can not deny that Selena Gomez is one of the most beloved stars. She has amassed fans both for her singing side, her acting career and her philanthropic work. However, this has not excluded it from being singled out and criticized. For the past several years, she has tried to create a self-love campaign of her own and show the effects of body shaming. Reason why it has become an example to follow for many young people around the world. So, the surprise has been pleasant to see that appeared without makeup on social networks. The fans fall at his feet.

Selena Gomez She has been one of the first artists to empathize with the public by speaking openly about her mental health. Recently, she released a documentary about depression. In order to be okay with her physical appearance, she had to face many difficult situations and sometimes fall down. As she commented on it in her documentary, Dear, from Apple TV +, was not entirely honest in ensuring that he no longer cared about negative comments. Although she told herself that she did not accept them, she internally ached. Now, with more experience and a healthy dose of self-acceptance, she has been seen no makeup on social media.

This time, the celebrity has been praised. Not for its “artificial” beauty, but for authentic expression. She showed a real face, without fear of what they will say. We tell you more in the following lines.

The powerful message of Selena Gomez without makeup on social networks

It should be noted that, in recent weeks, ‘Sel’ has been involved in a great controversy. As absurd as it sounds, this time due to its weight. Much of society does not quite understand that others should not be judged by their body or appearance. Being a public figure, he is more exposed to being the object of criticism from millions of users, for which he wanted to end everything by clarifying. On several occasions she has said that her physical appearance is due to lupus. And even with this wave of destructive comments washing over her, she made the brave decision to show no makeup on social media.

In his most recent post he exhibited two very revealing photographs. Loose hair, clean face, without makeup products blocking the view or filters to hide her most obvious imperfections. the interpreter of who says se exposed to his fans in his natural version, even discovering the acne that all hide if possible. Claiming natural beauty, which does not have to be a secret from others, much less a breaking point.

This gesture has been very powerful, with more positive than negative messages. Among which stand out the comments of Paris Hilton, Nicola Peltz, Michelle Pfeiffer, Miley Cyrus and others. The ex of The Weeknd said enough, stood up to the culture of perfectionism that in recent times has governed social networks.

Selena Gomez will start a trend of realistic aesthetics and self-acceptance. Appear no makeup on social media It has been his first step, we hope that this example will endure over the years.

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