Selena Gomez changes her look

Selena has returned to social networks for some time with constant content, especially on her TikTok profile, where she has shown that she enjoys being in contact with her followers through this platform.

After having taken a break from the networks, due to his problems with his mental health, and after confessing that this break helped him to renew himself mentally and physically. Selena decided to come back stronger than ever, making different content for her followers, where she can find everything from dance, makeup, beauty routines and the occasional comedy recording.

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The founder of Rare Beauty has shown that she likes changes in ‘look’, especially when it comes to her hair because we have seen her wear long hair and shortly after with her hair very short, or at least that’s what He has shown in his iconic changes that, without a doubt, they have given something to talk about because his fans have their favorite ‘looks’.

Recently, the singer and actress surprised the public of the program ‘Saturday Night Live’, where she joined the blonde club, because in her debut as a presenter she appeared with long blonde hair, for which she undoubtedly received several compliments. , Well, many of his followers liked how he looked on those recordings. Given this, it seems that the 29-year-old celebrity liked the sudden changes, so now she has surprised TikTok wearing a ‘balayage’, with waist-length hair and a coquettish fringe on her face .

His video quickly got several comments that praised his drastic change: “How beautiful is that ‘look'”; “every time I get bangs it’s because of this woman”; “how pretty and young that ‘look’ makes you see, top”; “Selena, my love, how good your hair looks like that”, could be read in the publication that already has more than 1 million “likes” and about 9 million views.

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@selenagomez Just pretend, right?

♬ not wrong UNEXPECTED – tlc

Although the singer of ‘Lose you to love me’, has not shown much about her new hair, the truth is that the few videos we have seen with the ‘balayage’, makes us understand what the artist’s style will be like for summer.

Well, not only has she worn it with straight hair, but also with two braids that she has made to pose in a boat, showing how she has fun at each stage of her life. Now, it seems that Selena has regained her confidence in herself, because for a while we saw her away from the cameras, even from the ‘paparazzi’, something that the constant criticism of her physique achieved, after network users realized account of a weight gain he had due to the disease he suffers from.

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However, now Gomez has regained and increased her self-esteem, which is why she has been repeatedly seen looking quite relaxed and out of the ordinary. ‘Sel’, as many of her followers call her, wore a sweatshirt, slippers and her wavy hair, covered by a large bag that reflected comfort in her style of dress and, above all, the naturalness of the singer who went out without a drop of makeup, leaving aside the prejudices she had received in the past and for what she always went out with makeup.

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