Selena Gomez defends Hailey Bieber: ‘No one should be treated like this’ (video)

In recent days, we only talk about the interview Hailey Bieber gave during a podcast on Spotify called “Call Her Daddy”, hosted by Alexandra Cooper. During this one, Justin’s wife returns to her relationship with Selena Gomez, and denies having attended the singer while he was still with her: “When we started dating, he didn’t never been in a relationship with anyone. Never.”

“Well mannered”

“It’s not my style to ruin someone’s relationship – I would never do that. I was brought up well. I’m not interested in that kind of thing and I never have been,” she says.

Following these statements, fans of Hailey and Selena wanted to defend their favorite star on social networks, in exchanges that were not always very tender towards each other. All this did not please the creator of Rare Beauty, and more specifically Rare Impact Fund, a fundraiser to support research related to mental health.

Show kindness

The actress reminded her entire community that kindness is essential, especially on social networks: “It’s not fair because no one should ever be referred to the way I saw it. If you’re supporting Rare, I can’t thank you enough, but know that you also represent what it means – and that is: words matter. It’s really important.”

Hailey Bieber will certainly appreciate that the young woman has come to her defense in this way. In any case, we should learn more about Selena and Justin’s relationship soon, since she will soon be releasing her documentary “My Minds & Me”, which will be available on November 4 on Apple TV+.

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