Selena Gomez fulfills dream of fan with terminal cancer

MEXICO CITY, June 11 (EL UNIVERSAL).- Megan Nesplia is a young woman whose dream was to meet the singer Selena Gomez. Unlike other followers of hers, the 22-year-old girl has terminal cancer, so becoming friends with the actress was one of her wishes. Fortunately, the great heart of the interpreter helped make this happen.

Nesplia shared a video through social media in which she expressed that she wanted to try to have a conversation with Selena, “The point of this video is that I’m 22 years old and I’m not a kid from Make a wish, so I decided that I’m going to try to communicate because I want to make my own dream come true,” said the loyal fan.

The meeting between the follower and Selena Gomez The connection between them did not come by magic, as TikTok users tagged the interpreter of “A year without seeing rain” and “Come & Get it” in the comments of the video so that this I might know Megan’s story.

Gomez contacted Megan through a video call via zoom. After this, the young woman expressed that she was grateful for having met her, in addition to the fact that she was a kind person. Although Nesplia published the photograph of the moment, she did not reveal information about the conversation she had with the artist.

Selena Gomez invited to Britney’s Wedding

On June 9, Britney Spears decided to walk down the aisle with her now-husband Sam Asghari. The 40-year-old singer revealed that she had a great time at the celebration, which she was not exempt from the scandal, as her ex-husband Jason Alexander tried to sneak into the party and was arrested by the police.

Selena Gomez was one of the guests at the celebration, the former Disney actress wore a royal blue suit that made her look radiant during the wedding. Artists like Madonna, Paris Hilton and even Donatella Versace also attended.

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