Selena Gomez had to work hard to keep singing ‘Who Says’: “I cried because I loved her so much”

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Who says This is one of the great successes of Selena Gomez, but it almost didn’t happen that way. The 31-year-old singer and actress recently said in an interview that her record company wanted give it to another artist, “I cried because I loved it so much,” revealed the producer, who claims she’s still listening to it 12 years later.

Selena Gomez celebrates being single in her new song ‘Single Soon’

Who says It wasn’t born as a song Selena Gomez, There came a moment when the makers of the song thought of another artist to sing it, and at that very moment Selena Gomez He had to struggle hard to stay with her.

“I was working with Disney at the time and they were giving the song to another artist. I cried because I loved the song so much. I basically said to my label, ‘I think my fans are young and they need this… I think my fans really need this.‘…I love that song and it’s been with me throughout my career. To this day, I need to hear it,” said the artist. Signal 2023 Customer & Developer Conference,

The producer has also stated on previous occasions that the song was important in his career. At the time he got his hands on it, he had no desire to release a new album, but everything changed when he heard it. “I thought it was amazing, it totally inspired me”Told about the first in another interview alone Of when the sun goes down (2011).

Selena Gomez also said that she listens every time Who says It seems like “better” And defines the theme as sweet and fun.

What do the lyrics of ‘Who Says’ talk about?

beyond the musical part, Who says This is a major song because of the message it sends to the youngest people. Selena Gomez released the song when she was 19 years old and her audience was even younger than her.

“This song represents That time of the day when we feel insecure or that we are not good enough. I hope this song will inspire my fans to remember who they are on the inside,” the singer said about the song’s message.

The singer highlighted its positive message in another interview: “It has a lot of heart and I was inspired when I heard it. Priscilla Rene, who wrote the song, told me the story that inspired her.”

The hero of that story is President Obama. “When he was elected our president, it was big news. They asked a kid what it meant to him that Obama was president and he looked at the camera and said, ‘This means I could be president one day, “When they told me that story, it made me think about their fans and when they told me they wanted to be singers or be on Disney Channel,” she said.

Who says Initially included in the album when the sun goes down (2011) and later appeared on the hit compilation album Ultimate Pop Princess, kidz bop 20 And Radio Disney Jams: 15th B-Day EditionIn 2014, Selena Gomez included the song on her first greatest hits album and final release with Hollywood Records, For you,

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